Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's happening SA??

In the last week 2 suicide killings have taken place in Cape Town. With the male in the family going on a killing spree and then turning the gun on himself!!

I am saddened by the fact that people feel the need to take the lives of their loved ones in their hands. Where is the sense in that I ask you?? Who has given them the liberty of deciding when their family members should leave this earth?? I'm really trying to make sense of it all, but failing dismally!!

On the one hand I do understand when one goes into a depression, I've been there too. But on the other hand, to kill your children, wife and then yourself?? I know I'm repeating myself here but that's a clue as to the state of my mind. OK, kill yourself but leave the children, they've done nothing to deserve the torture that a parent inflicts on them willingly!!

While we might go into a debate about the psychological state of mind of a person intending to commit suicide, it still won't give us any answers as to why people do so. I will admit that I have had suicidal thoughts, I think we all do, but to put them into action is another thought on it's own.

Which leads me to think about people's spirituality in general. Is that where we are lacking?? Has spirituality taken a back seat in this rat race we call life?? All I know is that children do not deserve to butchered by their own parents!!

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