Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking everything in my stride!!

Isn't is just typical when people decide to keep you responsible for THEIR actions and decisions???

This kind of behaviour has always bugged me!! So how is it that I should be the one held responsible if you decide to fly off the handle, or if you decide to act in such a way as to cause embarrassment to yourself?? I've learnt the hard way that I can only control my own actions not someones actions towards me.

So if someone doesn't say or act as you would want them to, then it certainly is not their fault. Why have expectations of that kind in the first place?? You just end up disappointing yourself at the end of the day. Everyone has the right to an opinion or view and it's totally up to you as an individual to respect that. Agree to disagree is what I always say, in that way many relations are still kept in tact.

I think our world would be a better place if we were more tolerant with one another and at least give the next person the benefit of the doubt!!

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Smooches said...

True, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions. If so, the world who be such a wonderful, respectful one. But, one can only pray for those who refuse to realise the hand they've played in matters. May Allah guide them, Insha-Allah.