Monday, February 28, 2011

Uthmaan cooks his first full meal!!


                   Mince, roasted vegetables & pasta bake

I guess when your mother spends most of her spare time in the kitchen, it's bound to rub off sooner than later. My kids love pottering around in the kitchen, but lets face it, cleaning up afterward can be such a mission :D

During the week I had such a hectic day that I decided to ask Uthmaan to help out with the making of supper. Since starting with his Haafithul Quraan program this year, he doesn't attend madrassah during the afternoon any longer. With a fast tutorial from me over the telephone, on what was to be made, I let him get to it. 

I couldn't wait for the day to end so that I could make my way home to see what he had come up with. As I disembarked the bus, my hand phone let off a beep. Incoming message from Uthmaan!!

"Mom, the food's almost done!!"

Waaaaaahhhhh! I almost ran all the way home! :D

What greeted me as I walked through the door was the aromatic smell of grilled cheese, YUMS! We quickly set the table and everyone sat down to dig in. Now, mind you, meal times can be quite raucous at my home. The girls were reminding Uthmaan of the first time he helped out with the making of food. Poor Uthmaan! I don't think he'll ever live that experience down :D

I made some brown lentils stew and asked him to watch the pot for me as I had to run an errand. When I returned, he had added uncooked macaroni to the stew, LOL! It wasn't a train smash though, it was still edible, hehehehe.

This time around, he proved his sisters wrong, hehehehe! The food was delish! Just a bit short of salt and the bottom stuck a bit to the oven dish because he had forgotten to spray it with cooking spray.

There was a bonus though! While he was cooking he cleaned the kitchen too! Awwww, such a sweet boy is he!

Friday, February 25, 2011

This is my attempt at luring...........

all the international readers of my blog to visit CT!

I'm sure all of you know by now just how much I love the Mother City, not to mention it's most beautiful tourist attraction, Table Mountain! I have mentioned this on occasion here, here, here, here and here.

Yesterday Caroline sent me this link and I was mesmerized once again!!

The link shows a panoramic view from Table Mountain during the full moon. There's a group of hikers (anyone can join) who trek up every full moon to experience this most spectacular sight. I have yet to hike up at night but I've never been brave enough :D

Go on! Have a look!

But don't blame me if you find yourself suddenly yearning to visit ok :D

PS : Don't forget to drag your mouse to get the full effect!