Monday, September 28, 2009

Two weeks left and counting

It seems like just the other day Shaheema had announced her intention to tie the knot, now we're down to the wire with just two weeks left to her big day.

Some of the cousins who will taking part in Shaheema's wedding

Excitement is sure the order of the day. Last night was spent at her home finishing off wedding favors. The entourage's dresses have all been completed and fittings have been done. Aqeedah is morning bridesmaid, Uthmaan & Ghaalietha is part of the afternoon group.

Shaheema with the unfinished wedding favors

I have been asked to make dessert, chocolate mousse to be exact, for 600 hundred people (00)
Yes, you read right, I did say 600 hundred people!! I don't think I want to see chocolate for a whole while after that!!

Then there's the issue about me having to make a speech as well. Gosh, Shaheema sure knows how to put me on the spot. I prefer being a wallflower, inconspicuous, not having the guests' attention on me. This is something I cannot weasel my way out of now, baaaaaah!! So, I'll just have to get rid of the stage fright and do my thing.

Shawaal month sees a lot of weddings taking place this side of the world. Abubaker tied the knot on 24 September 2009, may Allah guide his marriage to the best of understanding Insha-Allah Ameen. Then, 4 October 2009 sees Sharfa tying the knot as well. I'm to make her wedding cake, which I'm very excited about. And then Shaheema, who will marry on the 11 October 2009. Which means that so far, there's a wedding taking place every week, sheesh!!

I wonder if they realize what they're getting themselves into, hehehe???

Abubaker & his bride, Fayrouz as well as his parents

On another note, Adiela will be giving birth in the next two weeks as well. It's her first little one on the way and she's very excited but scared too. And Fagriyyah is due by the end of November Insha-Allah, her first little one too. May Allah give them both the strength needed Insha-Allah. And may the little ones bring their parents boundless joy & happiness Insha-Allah Ameen!!

Fagriyyah, Mubeen & Raihaana

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mommy's taste in fashion doesn't cut it any more

Gosh, these last couple of days have been absolutely crazy!! I can't believe that we're down to the 15th day of Ramadaan already. Where has the time gone???

Between work, rushing home to prepare for iftaar, chores and seeing to the kids, my day is never ending. It also helps that Aqeedah knows her way around the kitchen, she's true gem!! By the time I hit the sack I would hope that sleep would come quickly. Unfortunately for me, that is not the case. I probably only get 2 hours sleep for the most and then my day starts all over again!! Eish!! I'm surprised I haven't keeled over yet. :P

With regards to my reading, I am making good progress, Alghumdulillah!! Even though I couldn't read for about 6 days. Between reading at work during my break and at night, I'm hoping to keep the momentum going so that I can finish as planned Insha-Allah.

I still have to find clothes for the children for Eid and boy, oh boy, is that going to be a mission. Especially for Aqeedah, the girl refuses to stop growing, hahahaha. She's now even taller than mom, even when mom has heels on!! To make things easier for myself, the next time around I'll rather have something made for her.

During the week I popped into a boutique I had discovered some time back. I love the range they have, longer length dresses with sleeves and they're not figure hugging either. So, I found a pants with a beautiful top for her. Feeling quite chuffed with myself I presented these to Aqeedah on arriving home. Her siblings were more impressed with the outfit than she was, to say the least (oO)

"The top is too oudoos (old fashioned) mummy." Oops, what was I thinking?? Gone are the times where I could safely buy something she would like. Mom's taste is a far cry from a fourteen year old's. To make matters worse, this morning Uthmaan promptly told me, "No Shahruk Khan outfits for me this year, mom." Double oops!! And here I thought I was doing something good, LOL!!

Well, it's a sure sign that my kids are growing up way too fast for my liking. Or maybe, it's just a sign that mom's getting old, OI!! I think I'll stick to my first sentiment for the time being, hehehe.

Oh, but wait!! Ghaalietha still likes the clothes I buy for her. Well, I THINK she still does :P