Sunday, December 13, 2009


She's been a constant support to me from the word go. From the day we met, there was a dynamic connection that would change our lives for the better, and bring with it a friendship that would see me through many a trials and tribulations.

Nisa & I met almost ten years ago when I arrived at her home for a job interview. I had no idea that within the next six months my marriage would fall apart and she would be my fiercest cheerleader. Keeping me sane and reminding me constantly that I was stronger than I thought I was and that the kids were my number one priority.

I threw myself into my work, but slowly begun opening up to her with my woes. We were so similar in our thinking, hobbies, reading material and even the experiences we had as children. I had found a confidante, someone I could share everything with, who understood exactly where I was coming from.

We worked together for four years, when her marriage hit rock bottom. I was there, her constant support, her shoulder to cry on, her confidante. I identified with her in so many ways. She, like I, tried her best to cushion her children from the after effects of a messy divorce. I think women are built that way, nurturing protectors, no matter the cost.

Because the business she had was co-owned with her then husband. The situation at the office became somewhat tense and not conducive to amicable working conditions. According to her husband I was on 'her side' so he made it quite difficult for both of us. It was this reason that forced me to find another job.

That didn't stop us from keeping contact though. Emails, phone calls and sms'es let me know how she was coping. This mode of communication was the scene for the next 2 years. Then I received an sms to let me know that she was remarrying. I was ecstatic! I had met the guy before. It was someone she could really relate to, he was after all a very good friend first before he became her husband.

After that we lost touch and recently I received an email from her asking me to visit. She missed the conversations and according to her, I was the only person beside her present husband, who knew what made her tick. Two weeks ago, the kids and I visited her. Was I blown away by the transformation that had taken place with her and her home.

When I last saw her, there were renovations taking place. She, being the artistic type, had done the renovations herself with the help of hubby dearest, who was a building contractor. They make such a great team!! Her home is a tribute to her sense of decor and style. She loves hosting family get togethers and parties.

She also does abstract oil paintings and was commissioned by a hotel in Long Street to provide them with 150 paintings in one week!!

Yes, I said one week! And each painting was different from the next! I was in awe with the paintings that was done during the time I had visited. Clearly she was able to express herself better in the new environment she was in. She had grown tremendously!

She couldn't believe how fast my kids have grown up. And she was in awe of me too, of the continued growth and the milestones that have been reached.

For she, like me, knows exactly what it's like to hit rock bottom and then lift your head high and take whatever life brings your way and make it work!!

No matter what!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The latest addition to the family

On the 13th November 2009, I received an sms from my mum. It read, "Faghriyya rushed to hospital this morning!!"

Everyone was taken by surprise because the little one was only due by the end of November, 27th November to be exact. Faghriyya's little bundle of joy couldn't wait that long, hehehe. And mother was receiving an early birthday present as she celebrated her birthday on the 14th, a day after the little one's arrival.

Just two weeks before his arrival, Faghriyya and I were saying how funny it would be if baby was born before the 21st November. This would make him a Scorpio and that would mean that mum, dad and baby were Scorpios, eek!

Imagine that??!! Three Scorpios under one roof!

The parents had not chosen a name for him yet, as they were too elated that the pregnancy had gone so well. Faghriyya had growths on her ovaries previously and was struggling to conceive. One of her ovaries were eventually removed. The news of her conception was therefore greeted with much elation, Alghumdulillah!!

The name giving ceremony took place the Sunday after his birth. On arriving at Faghriyya's home, I was ecstatic to discover that they had chosen the name, Muhammad Shahied, Masha-Allah! I finally had a namesake in the family, hehehe!

May Allah guide him on the right path. May he be an obedient boy to his parents and elders. May joy, happiness & prosperity shine on him always, Insha-Allah Ameen!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FIFA 2010 fever hits Cape Town

I'm not really a soccer fan and haven't sat down to watch a game. But the furore surrounding the recent draw that took place at the CTICC had me glued to my tv screen!

South Africa, or Cape Town I should rather say, has proved that it can rise to the occasion when required to host an event of this magnitude, if the draw is anything to go by. The FIFA Fest party that was hosted in Long Street, Cape Town, was a huge success, drawing something like 60 000 people! And that was only the count by late afternoon, more people made their way to the venue after leaving their offices for the day.

Seeing as our offices were a stones throw away from the venue Caroline, Blonde, Roger & I decided to take a walk during lunch. We were amazed by the activities taking place already. The weather was perfect with Table Mountain looming in the background. A few local SA bands were expected to play throughout the day, Alister Izobel was on stage during the time we were there. And had the crowd singing to the song 'Welcome to Cape Town'

Also making an appearance were the contestants of the Miss World Pageant being hosted in Johannesburg within the next few days. There were cultural bands playing drums & xylophones, instruments associated with the beat of Africa.

While we were walking around in Long street, Remi had decided to get some Nandos for lunch. Waiting for his lunch he noticed a few guys dressed in suits, upon closer inspection, he realized that David Beckham was standing a few feet away!! He managed to pull out his phone to snap a pic, not a very good one of Beckham though. But what was quite hilarious about his pic, was the fact that everyone in Nandos had managed to snap away with their hand phones!! And he had caught this commotion in his pic, hahahaha!!

I sure hope that Cape Town gets to host the final match, it's sure to be a thriller! I can picture it now: Green point stadium filled to capacity and everyone on their feet with the excitement of the game! Not forgetting the vukuzela being blown until the sound reaches fever pitch!

Exciting times lay ahead innit!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


In two days I celebrate my 36th birthday. Did I just say 36?? Let me rephrase that. In two days I celebrate my 21st birthday, hehhehe. Just kidding!!

Another year has passed by so very swiftly. And as I look back, I am humbly grateful for another year that the Almighty has sought to bless me with. My time has been filled with beautiful moments, tears, sadness but most of all cherished memories.

I have had the opportunity to rekindle long lost childhood friendships and cement family bonds. Each relationship has opened my heart that much more, allowing for fulfillment and acceptance to the beauty of human relations. It certainly has been an amazing road thus far.

Then there’s Sayang, *SIGH*

What can I say, but, that my cup runneth over!!

Every person that has been placed in my path, has been there for a purpose. Helping me to see differently when I cannot do so on my own. I am utterly grateful for your unwavering support, it’s amazing having cheerleaders like you!!

May I ask that you keep me in your duas / prayers, always, for that is all I really need. If there has been anything that I have said to hurt or offend you in any way, may I take this opportunity to humbly ask your forgiveness. And may your days be bright, beautiful and full of Allah blessings Ameen!!

I plan to have supper with family and friends over the weekend. On Sunday all will converge on my home for cake & tea. (The birthday girl has to bake her own birthday cake because her family refuses anything else, hahaha. What can I say?? If you’ve got it, you’ve got it ya??)

Fa bie ay ala ie rabie koema toe kathie baan??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding bells Part 1

Nadia, the kids & I climbed into the car & made our way, in haste, to Masjidul Quds. It was after 9am already and we were worried that we might have missed the start of Shaheema's nikaah. An event I so didn't want to miss.

First we had to drop off the mini quiche, I made earlier that morning, at my mom's to be baked. This was part of the buffet breakfast to be served after the nikaah. Fearing the worst as we made our way to the entrance of the masjid, I noticed some of the cousins standing and waiting. Which only meant one thing. The bride was late, pheww!! And according to one of the cousins, Raafiek was panicking already, hehehe.

Just then, the limo pulled up. And as Shaheema stepped from the car, everyone standing at the entrance gasped. The bride was wearing a red & gold creation made by herself. I had to hold back tears, didn't want the makeup to run :P

I snapped a few pics before she rushed inside the masjid. All the ladies made their way upstairs and settled down before the nikaah started. Nadia realised that she had forgotten her camera in the car, and so she rushed back out to fetch it. Ruwaydah, Shaheema's best friend, was also in attendance with her little one.

As I listened to Sheikh Abduraghmaan Alexander, a sense of peace settled over me. Shaheema's big day had finally arrived and it promised to be a day that would be forever etched in my memory. Another bride arrived, dressed in silver & white, she was overwhelmed with tears. Both nikaahs took place in tandem, Masha-Allah. Aunty Fayeeza was overcome with emotion and Shaheema comforted her mom trying very hard not to cry as well.

When the nikaah was done, Raafiek made his way upstairs to greet his bride and present her wedding ring. Congratulations were in order and many hugs exchanged as the excitement permeated through family members of the bridal couple.

Everyone made their way to the hall where breakfast was being served. The bridal couple would arrive there by a slower mode of transport this time around. Horse & carriage!! It was quite hilarious noting motorists reaction when they spotted the horse & carriage making it's way down the main road. Certainly a sight that one doesn't witness everyday!

Breakfast was a delish spread of savories including quiche, pies, samoosas, cocktail rolls, half moons and potato rolls with a secret filling. Then, to satisfy the sweet tooth, there was chocolate chip muffins, crumpets topped with strawberry jam & fresh cream, pieces of carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing, YUMS!

It was really great having to catch up with family members you only get to see at functions. But not so great when they inquire about myself getting hitched, sheesh! Somehow that always seems to crop up somewhere, hehehe.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Sharfa is a very good friend of my sister's. Having met her a few years ago, I was always struck by her beautiful smile. But there was a sadness in her eyes which was unexplained until I came to know of her life experience.

At the age of about 12 years she lost her mother to cancer. This incident was to change her life completely. Being at such a young age one can just imagine what she was going through!

Sharfa is now 24 years old but the effects of having lost her mother at such a young age lingers. There are times, in conversations, she trances and one wonders what she's thinking. At first I thought it weird but I've come to see that, that it is just how she handles her situation. I was curious as to how she managed through her life, as I have been blessed to have my mother through all the stages of my life so far. When conversations were steered in that direction, there were many tears shed and my admiration and love for her just grew even more.

I admire her strength and perseverance tremendously, for she had excelled at school and when she started working she took on the responsibility of looking after her younger brother. Running her home, working and studying through UNISA to obtain her Chartered accounting degree hasn't phased this lass one bit!! For reasons not explained, her father has assumed a low profile in his children's lives. A sad but true occurrence in today's day and age.

When she celebrated her 21st birthday a few years ago, a few of her friends, including myself & Raihaana, decided to throw her a birthday bash. Everyone knew she wouldn't make a fuss, so they took the onus on themselves to organize something for her. Sharfa was taken out for the day and the friends were given a key to her home so that everything could be set up. You can just imagine the look of surprise on her face when she came home to all of us waiting for her!! She never suspected a thing!! She enjoyed herself thoroughly, especially the chocolate mousse birthday cake I had made.

I attended her wedding yesterday and what a radiant bride she made!! As she walked into the hall, Raihaana and I looked at each other, we both wanted to cry. The beautiful girl with the sad eyes was finally having a happy ending! * sniff, sniff *

She has married into a beautiful family who have vowed to love and care for her as their own. This was evident by the beautiful reception presented to the guests and the warm welcome offered by her parents-in-law. They are truly blessed!!

My wish for her with the beginning of a new phase in her life: May Allah continue to smile on you and your husband, Ashiq. May your married days be filled with only happiness and joy, for you so rightly deserve this and more. May you be blessed with beautiful children who will carry on the legacy of your strength and perseverance throughout, Insha-Allah Ameen!!

My gift to the bridal couple

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two weeks left and counting

It seems like just the other day Shaheema had announced her intention to tie the knot, now we're down to the wire with just two weeks left to her big day.

Some of the cousins who will taking part in Shaheema's wedding

Excitement is sure the order of the day. Last night was spent at her home finishing off wedding favors. The entourage's dresses have all been completed and fittings have been done. Aqeedah is morning bridesmaid, Uthmaan & Ghaalietha is part of the afternoon group.

Shaheema with the unfinished wedding favors

I have been asked to make dessert, chocolate mousse to be exact, for 600 hundred people (00)
Yes, you read right, I did say 600 hundred people!! I don't think I want to see chocolate for a whole while after that!!

Then there's the issue about me having to make a speech as well. Gosh, Shaheema sure knows how to put me on the spot. I prefer being a wallflower, inconspicuous, not having the guests' attention on me. This is something I cannot weasel my way out of now, baaaaaah!! So, I'll just have to get rid of the stage fright and do my thing.

Shawaal month sees a lot of weddings taking place this side of the world. Abubaker tied the knot on 24 September 2009, may Allah guide his marriage to the best of understanding Insha-Allah Ameen. Then, 4 October 2009 sees Sharfa tying the knot as well. I'm to make her wedding cake, which I'm very excited about. And then Shaheema, who will marry on the 11 October 2009. Which means that so far, there's a wedding taking place every week, sheesh!!

I wonder if they realize what they're getting themselves into, hehehe???

Abubaker & his bride, Fayrouz as well as his parents

On another note, Adiela will be giving birth in the next two weeks as well. It's her first little one on the way and she's very excited but scared too. And Fagriyyah is due by the end of November Insha-Allah, her first little one too. May Allah give them both the strength needed Insha-Allah. And may the little ones bring their parents boundless joy & happiness Insha-Allah Ameen!!

Fagriyyah, Mubeen & Raihaana

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mommy's taste in fashion doesn't cut it any more

Gosh, these last couple of days have been absolutely crazy!! I can't believe that we're down to the 15th day of Ramadaan already. Where has the time gone???

Between work, rushing home to prepare for iftaar, chores and seeing to the kids, my day is never ending. It also helps that Aqeedah knows her way around the kitchen, she's true gem!! By the time I hit the sack I would hope that sleep would come quickly. Unfortunately for me, that is not the case. I probably only get 2 hours sleep for the most and then my day starts all over again!! Eish!! I'm surprised I haven't keeled over yet. :P

With regards to my reading, I am making good progress, Alghumdulillah!! Even though I couldn't read for about 6 days. Between reading at work during my break and at night, I'm hoping to keep the momentum going so that I can finish as planned Insha-Allah.

I still have to find clothes for the children for Eid and boy, oh boy, is that going to be a mission. Especially for Aqeedah, the girl refuses to stop growing, hahahaha. She's now even taller than mom, even when mom has heels on!! To make things easier for myself, the next time around I'll rather have something made for her.

During the week I popped into a boutique I had discovered some time back. I love the range they have, longer length dresses with sleeves and they're not figure hugging either. So, I found a pants with a beautiful top for her. Feeling quite chuffed with myself I presented these to Aqeedah on arriving home. Her siblings were more impressed with the outfit than she was, to say the least (oO)

"The top is too oudoos (old fashioned) mummy." Oops, what was I thinking?? Gone are the times where I could safely buy something she would like. Mom's taste is a far cry from a fourteen year old's. To make matters worse, this morning Uthmaan promptly told me, "No Shahruk Khan outfits for me this year, mom." Double oops!! And here I thought I was doing something good, LOL!!

Well, it's a sure sign that my kids are growing up way too fast for my liking. Or maybe, it's just a sign that mom's getting old, OI!! I think I'll stick to my first sentiment for the time being, hehehe.

Oh, but wait!! Ghaalietha still likes the clothes I buy for her. Well, I THINK she still does :P

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Month Work Review

For the past 2 weeks my nerves have been completely shot. The reason for this upheaval in my mood was my 3 month work review that needed to take place. Man, oh man!!

To some, this may be an occurrence that takes place often. With me on the other hand, it would be my first experience. I kid you not!! So, after receiving a questionnaire that needed to be filled in before the actual review took place, I set about trying my best to fill it in. To tell you the truth, I actually lost sleep thinking over my answers.

You see, to me the questionnaire felt more like the Spanish Inquisition, personified!! But that was all because of the state of mind I was in, hehehehe. The exercise proved quite a learning curve for me and it highlighted where I'm headed for the next year at least Insha-Allah. I could get used to this, but in small doses ok??!

The actual review took place this morning, via conference call. The MD had recently relocated to Belgium so I was quite elated to find out that he would be sitting in (albeit virtually) on the whole process. Suffice to say, that everything went way better than I expected, Alghumdulillah!! Must be the blessings of this holy month that we're in, Allah is truly most Gracious, most Merciful!!

I am now a fully fledged, permanent part of the Tractor Group / Second Harvest team!! Here's to many a fulfilling hours of work done. YAY!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa Part 6

22. Al - Baasit: The Extender of Sustenance

He is the One who releases in abundance, joy, relief and ease after difficulties. These are manifestations of His attribute Al-Baasit.

Lift the hands towards the heavens (as in dua) after Salaatud Duhaa (Chast) and recite this Name 10 times. Thereafter pass the hands across the face (as when finishing dua) : self-sufficiency and independence will be granted by Allah - Insha-Allah. This must be done daily.

23. Al - Khaafid: The Abaser- The One who humbles and lowers

Allah the most high is the One who elevates His creatures to honor and fame and He is also the One who can cast them down to the lowest of low.

Anyone who recites this Name 500 times, Allah will fulfill all his needs and remove all his difficulties - Insha-Allah.
One who fasts for 3 days and on the first day reads this Beautiful Name 70 times while sitting in seclusion, will gain victory over his enemy if Allah wills.

24. Ar - Raafi: The Exalter

Allah The Most High is the one who raises His creatures to honour and fame and who can cast them down to be the lowest of the low.

Any person who writes this Ism 100 times in the middle of the 14th night of every lunar month, Allah will grant him self-sufficiency and independence of the entire creation - Insha-Allah.

25. Al - Mu'izz: The Giver of honor

He is the One who honours and the One who humiliates.

If this beautiful Name of Allah is read 40 times after Maghrib on every Monday and Friday, Allah will grant the reader honour and reverence - Insha-Allah.

26. Al - Mudhill: The Giver of dishonour

He is the One who dishonours and humiliates.
Whoever makes du'aa for protection after reading this Ism 75 times, Allah will protect him from the evils of envious persons, oppressors and enemies - Insha-Allah.

If there is a particular enemy whom one fears then after reciting this Name in the manner mentioned above, one may observe Sajdah (prostration) wherein one may invoke Allah's help against ones enemy by actually mentioning his name in Sajdah thus: " O Allah!! Protect me from the evils of Zaid or Bakar." If Allah wills he will be granted protection.

27. As - Samee' : The All - Hearing

He is the One who hears all that which comes from the lips, passes through the minds, is felt by the hearts, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the footsteps of ants and the atoms moving through the void.

One who reads this Beautiful Name 500 times or 50 times on Thursday after offering Salatud Duhaa (Chast), all his duas will be assuredly granted, Insha-Allah. It is necessary that no talking is done while reciting it.
If anyone reads it 100 times on a Thursday between the Sunnah and Fard of Fajr, Allah will favor him with His special blessings - Insha-Allah.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa Part 5

16. Al - Qahhaar: The One who has control over all things

He is the Ever-dominating One, who has surrounded all His creation, from without and within, with His irresistible power. Nothing can escape Him.

One who is fully inclined towards this world should read this Ism continually: if Allah wills, he will be freed from the love of this world and, instead, Allah's love will become inborn in his heart.

17. Al - Wahhaab: The Giver of all things

He is the Donor of all, without conditions, without limits, without asking any benefit or return, giving everything to everyone, everywhere, always.

A poverty stricken person should recite this Ism constantly; or write it and keep it on him (as a ta'weez); or read it 40 times in the last sajdah of SalaatudDuhaa (Chast): he will be freed from poverty in an unexpected and amazing manner - Insha-Allah. For a particular need to be fulfilled, observe sajdah thrice in the courtyard of the house or masjid and then the lift the hands (as in du'aa) and read this Ism 100 times: if Allah wills, the need will be fulfilled.

18. Ar - Razzaaq: The Sustainer and Provider

He is the Sustainer. Sustenance is needed to maintain the creation. (Both physical and spiritual sustenance.)

Anyone who blows in all four corners of his house after reciting this Name 10 times in each corner before Fajr, Allah will open for him the doors of rizq (sustenance); sicknesses and poverty will never enter his home.
Note: Begin from the right-hand corner while facing the Qiblah.

19. Al - Fattaah: The Rermover of difficulties and Giver of decisions

He is the Opener and the Solver, the Easer of all that is locked, tied and hardened.

Anyone who places both his hands on his bosom after Fajr salaah and recites this Name 70 times, his heart will be illuminated with the "Noor (light)" of Eemaan - Insha-Allah.

20. Al - Aleem: The All Knowing

He is the One who knows all. He knows what has happened and what is happening and what will happen from the beginning to the end.

Anyone who recites this Ism abundantly, Allah will open for him the gates of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover his heart will be filled with the Ma'rifah (cognizance) of Allah.

21. Al - Qaabid: The Straightener of sustenance

He is the One who constricts. All existence is in the power of Allah. The life on this planet is a test for us, but Allah does not test His servants above their ability.

Whoever writes (with saffron or by the mere action of ones finger) this Name of Allah on four morsels of bread (roti) each day for 4 days and eats them, will be safeguarded against hunger, thirst, injuries, pain, etc - Insha-Allah.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa Part 4

My health has taken a bit of a knock lately with this incessant cold that refuses to go away. Hopefully with the ammunition of corenza c I have been taking, the cold will be no more Insha-Allah Ameen!!

It seems the economic recession taking place over the past year or so refuses to let up. News of an increase in the fuel price (by as much as 30 cents a litre) have consumers tightening their spending belts once more. The price of oil, rice & flour have increased too, making it very difficult for the man on the ground to keep things afloat.

Smaller companies are feeling the pinch and have been forced to close their doors. So, when a close friend gave me news of her retrenchment, I was hit for a six!! Here I was, stressing over a work review that was to take place and she was losing her job. Being a single mom too and having to raise two children is by no means an easy task. But she's certainly no throw-in-the towel woman!! She lives by the words 'never say die.'

And I think what I most admire about her is her belief that her Maker will not let her down!! And so, I dedicate this 4th post of Allah's beautiful names in the hope, that it will keep her faith strong and that light will surely be shining at the end of this tunnel.

12. Al - Khaaliq: The Creator

He is the One who creates from nothing, creating at the same time the states, conditions and sustenance of all his creation: He establishes how, when and where creation will take place.

Anyone who recites this Name of Allah 100 times for 7 days, will be safeguarded against all adversities - Insha-Allah. And one who forms the habit of its continuous recital, Allah will appoint an angel for him, who will worship Allah continuously on his behalf.

13. Al - Baari' : The One who gives life

He is the One who orders His creation with perfect harmony not only each thing within itself, but everything in accordance with everything else.

If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after breaking fast with water, reads Al-Baari ul-Musauwwir 21 times, Allah will grant her male children - Insha-Allah.

14. Al - Musauwwir: The Fashioner of shapes

He is the One who, without using any model, shapes everything in the most perfect shape.

If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after breaking fast with water, reads Al-Baari ul-Musauwwir 21 times, Allah will grant her male children - Insha-Allah.

15. Al - Ghaffaar: The Exceedingly forgiving

He is the One who accepts repentance and grants forgiveness.

Any person who recites this Ism (name) 100 times after Jumu'ah Salaah will soon begin to perceive Allah's forgiveness. And anyone who says Yaaghaf-faar Ighfirlee

Wallahu A'lam

Monday, August 24, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa Part 3

8. Al - Muhaymin: The Giver of Protection

He is the Protector and the Guardian. He is the One who sees to the growth of His creation, guiding them towards their destiny.

Anyone who offers 2 rakaat of salaah (prayer) after a ghusl and reads this Ism (name) 100 times with sincerity, Allah will purify him physically as well as spiritually. Allah will also acquaint one with the unseen if one reads it 115 times - Insha-Allah.

9. Al - Azeez: The Mighty

He is the Victorious One whom no force can over power. There is no strength in this universe that can stand before His will.

Anyone who recites this Name 40 times continually for 40 days, Allah will grant him honour and self sufficiency. If read 41 times daily with constancy, the reader will become self sufficient and will attain honour if he is treated with dishonour - Insha-Allah.

10. Al - Jabbaar: The Overpowering Lord

He is the Repairer of the broken, the Completer of the lacking, the One who can enforce His will without any opposition.

Anyone who reads this Ism 226 times each morning and each evening will be safeguarded against the oppression of tyrants and despots. If anyone engraves it on a silver ring and wears it, his awe and magnificence will become inborn in the hearts of people - Insha-Allah.

11. Al - Mutakabbir: The Self - Glorious

He is the Greatest, who shows His greatness in everything, on all occasions.

The constant reciter of this Beautiful Name will be granted honour and glory. If read continually before any task, it will be accomplished - Insha-Allah.

Wallahu A'lam

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Asmaa' ul Husnaa Part 2

There is probably a reason behind me choosing to do this exercise during this auspicious month. I find that on only the second day of fasting that my patience is being tried severely. And my anger needs to be curbed at every nook and cranny, Na-oethoe-billah!!

4. Al - Malik: The Sovereign

He is the owner and Ruler of the entire universe, visible and invisible, and of all creation, from before the beginning and after the end.

If read abundantly everyday after Zawaal (when the sun has reached it's zenith), the reader will be given abundant wealth - Insha-Allah.

5. Al - Quddoos: The Holy One and One who is free from all blemishes

He is the most pure one, devoid of all Blemish, Shortcoming, Weakness, Heedlessness and Error.

Allah will cure the one who recites this Name abundantly everyday from all spiritual sickness - Insha-Allah.

6. As - Salaam: The Giver of peace or One who is immune from all distresses

He is the One who saves the believing servants from all dangers, bringing them peace, blessings and security of paradise.

Anyone who recites this Ism (name) continually, Allah will protect him from all calamities and maladies. If recited 115 times and blown on a sick person, Allah will restore his health, Insha-Allah.

7. Al - Mu" min: The Guardian of Faith

He is the Illuminator of the light of faith in hearts. He is the Comforter, the Protector of those who seek refuge in Him.

Whoever recites this name 630 times at the time of fear, Allah will protect him from all calamities, mishaps and losses. If anyone writes it (on paper or engraves it on a silver ring) and keeps it with him (as ta'weez), his physical and spiritual safety will remain the responsibility of Allah.

Wallahu A'lam

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa - The beautiful / excellent names of Allah

For the month of Ramadaan, I wish to share the 99 beautiful names of Allah. Each day I will share about 3 names, their meanings & the benefits of reading them Insha-Allah!!

May the reciting of His names bring you as much peace, calm & tranquility as they do for me.

Taken from 'The 99 Beautiful names of Allah'
Their qualities, values & significances

1. Allah: The name of Allah

Allah is Al-Ismul-' A'zam, the greatest name which contains all the divine attributes and is the sign of the essence and cause of all existence. Allah does not resemble in any way any of His creation. The word Allah refers to Allah's name only, nothing else can assume this name or share it.

The name Allah contains five meanings that indicate the non-resemblance of Allah to anything else. They are:

QIDAM: He is before the before. He did not become. He always was.

BAQAA: He is after the after, eternal. He always will be.

WAHDAANIYYAH: He is unique, without partner, the cause of all creation. All creation is in need of Him. All creation has become by the order of "BE" and has died by His order.

MUKHAALAFATUN LILHAWAADITH: He is the creator bearing no resemblance to the created.

QIYAAMUHU BINAFSIHI: He is self existent, without any needs.

Allah is perfection. The extent of this perfection is infinite. The greatest name of Allah, contains eight essentials indicating His perfections.

HAYYAN: Allah is everliving.
'ILM: Allah is all knowing.
SAM: Allah is all hearing.
BASAR: Allah is all seeing.
IRAADAH: All will is His.
QUDRAH: All power is His.
TAKWEEN: All existence and actions depend on Him.
KALAAM: The word, all that is said and taught is His.

Whoever reads this Name of Allah 1000 times daily, all doubts & uncertainties will be removed from his heart and, instead, determination and faith will become inborn in him - Insha-Allah.

2. Ar - Rahmaan: The compassionate

He is the one who wills mercy and good for all creation, at all times. He pours upon all creation infinite bounties.

If this Ism (name) is recited 100 times daily after every salaah, if Allah wills, hardheartedness and negligence will be removed from the reader's heart.

3. Ar - Raheem: The most merciful

He is the Source of infinite mercy and beneficence, who rewards with eternal gifts the one who uses His bounties for the good.

If this name, is recited 100 times daily after every salaah, the reciter will be safeguarded against all calamities, and maladies and the entire creation will become affectionate towards him - Insha-Allah.

Wallahu 'Alam.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning to let go

When it comes to being the eldest in the family, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your siblings.

It’s kinda hard to stand by and watch them make decisions that aren’t in their best interest. So, as the tietie, I tend to take my job very seriously by pointing out the not so obvious. Do not get me wrong, ultimately I have to accept the path they choose. (Shucks, I’m a mother hen, aren’t I??)

I suppose I think that with age one becomes wiser?? But the world is not as it is when I was growing up (How naive of me to think that everything would remain the same!!) Everything moves at a fast pace, I can hardly keep up. I’ve reached a point where I have to let go, so that I may find some peace. Some lessons need to be learned by trial & error, unfortunately. I can only but pray that Allah protect & guide them Insha-Allah Ameen!!

If this is the way I feel about my siblings then what not of my children?? OI!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ramblings of a wandering mind

My mind has been wandering over the past weeks. Even family & friends have noticed the confusion. I have been asked “What’s up??” And to be quite honest, I have no idea!! Normally one who knows what to do & what to say, I suddenly find myself at a loss for words. Am I going through the motions, perhaps an identity crisis?? I am just hoping and praying that it will pass soon. My state of mind has also been the reason for not updating my blog. It’s best to say nothing when your mind’s a wandering.

So, all I’ve been doing is reading the blogs I follow. RG & Pause to reflect never fail to draw the tears and I always end up feeling guilty for questioning my circumstances. I admire their strength and perseverance so very much!! Then there’s Major Jefferey’s blog, man I wish I could understand half of the technical jargon he uses!! I don’t even bother to comment on his posts, I used to when my tongue & brain didn’t flail over his writings, hehehehe!!

And then there’s The Kitchen Guardian, her creations in the kitchen have me ooohhhhing and aaahhhhing with each post. I emailed a pic of her ‘green with envy’ cuppies to Shaheema. With the wedding less than 2 months away, the cuppies certainly had her mind swirling!! And what about KT’s blog?? Her love for her mother & family are evident in the posts she writes.

Then there’s Ida’s blog, most of the time her writings tickle my funny bone, but yesterday’s post had me digging deep, very deep!! So much so, that I lay awake last night thinking about it. It’s an age old question really, something we should be prepared for but we’re not. Each individual would have their own solution, depending on what you’re prepared to do to save your marriage. I’m talking about the seven year itch.

So, what does make spouses stray?? And why do they think that the pastures would be greener on the other side?? Have they not heard of the 80/20 rule?? Let me explain. The person we marry has 80% of the qualities we are looking for in a spouse. Every relationship starts out rosy, as the years pass, we settle into domesticity. We have arguments about family, work, the kids, friends, you name it. This is where the trouble starts. Suddenly we begin to notice the 20% that is lacking in our spouse. We feel unfulfilled and are vulnerable.

Why focus on the 20% that isn’t there, why not focus on the 80% that you do have?? Ultimately, if you go looking for greener pastures, you’re going to end up in the same situation. Everything starts out rosy once again, your relationship settles into domesticity and suddenly the pasture doesn’t look so green does it?? What I’m trying to say, is that any relationship needs to be worked at, ALL the time. And it takes two people to do that, not one, but two. Not forgetting that He is there to turn to in your time of need!!

Ultimately it’s totally your choice. The thing is, are you prepared to face the consequences of your actions?? The majority of us aren't......

ALLAH knows what is best for us
So why should we complain
We always want the sunshine
But He knows there must be rain.
We always want laughter
and the merriment of cheer
but our heart will lose their tenderness
If we never shed a tear.
ALLAH tests us often
with suffering and sorrow
He tests us not to punish us
but to help us meet tomorrow.
For growing trees are strengthened
if they can withstand the storm
and the sharpness of the chisel
gave the marble its grace and form.
ALLAH tests us often
and for every pain
He gives us provided we are patient
Is followed by rich gain
So whenever we feel that everything is going wrong
It is just ALLAH'S way to make our spirit strong.
A very big thank you to Shiehaam for sending me this poem.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The countdown begins..........

to the auspicious month of Ramadaan. With the eve of Laialatul Mie’raaj just passed, we have exactly 2 weeks to Lailatul Bara’ (Ruwah) and then 2 weeks after that the month of Ramadaan will start, with the official siting of the moon.

I must confess, that this is my favorite time of the year!! Although I do fast during the year, the atmosphere while fasting during the holy month itself is completely different. My kids enjoy this time too (more for the exchanging of yummy goodies with the neighbors than anything else, hehehehe) and mum has no excuse for not making any nibbles so they may make their rounds.

Because we will be breaking fast earlier this time around, it will do me well to make some goodies in advance and keep them in the freezer. That way, Aqeedah can pop them in the oven by the time the goodies need to be given. She has certainly become quite handy in the kitchen.

For this year, my intention is to finish the full 30 joos of the Quran Insha-Allah. I was only able to do 21 joos last year as my monthly visitor had decided to come around twice within the month!! OI!! Hopefully it will be different this time around??

To all my family and friends, may we reach the auspicious month with the highest of Taqwah & Imaan Insha-Allah!! May Allah give us the strength to fulfill many a good deed and the attaining of His blessings and mercy Ameen!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guess who is 2 years old today??

Happy birthday Amjad!! May the Almighty spare you many more healthy, happy years with us Insha-Allah Ameen!!

You bring so much laughter and joy to us all with your amusing antics.

Do remember that Tietie, Aqeedah, Uthmaan & Ghaalietha love you so very much!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Behind every dark cloud there is a Silver Lining

I received this email earlier today from Shaheema and decided to share it. She certainly knows what makes me tick, thanks couz!! And she has decided to open this bank account the day she marries Insha-Allah Ameen!!

"And among His signs is this that He has created mates from among yourselves, that you may live in comfort with them, and He has put love and compassion among you (husband and wife). Surely in that are signs for those who think " (Quran-30: 21)

Hamza married Ruwayda. After the nikaah[wedding], Ruwayda’s mother gave her a newly opened bank savings book with a R2000 deposit amount at the local Islamic Bank.

Ruwayda's mother said: "Take this savings book. Keep it as a record of your married life. When there's something happy and memorable that happens in your new life, put some money in. Write down what it's about next to the line...The more memorable the event is, the more money you can put in. I've done the first one for you today. Do the others with your husband. When you look back after years, you will know how much of happiness you've had.'

Ruwayda shared this with Hamza when she arrived home. They both thought it was a great idea and were anxious to know when the second deposit could be made.

This was what they did after a certain time:-

2 Jan:R200 Hamza went out in the path of Allah-
7 Feb: R300, Ruwayda's Dad took us with for HAJ. -
1 Dec: R300, Hamza graduated-
20 Mar: R200, Hamza got an excellent job -
15 Apr: R2000, Ruwayda got pregnant and later gave birth to a baby-
1 Jun: R1000, Hamza got promoted
... and so on...

However, after years, they started fighting and arguing over trivial things. They didn't talk much. They regretted that they had married the most nastiest people in the world... no more love... Kind of typical nowadays, huh?

One day Ruwayda spoke to her Mother: 'Mom, we can't stand it anymore. We have agreed to divorce. I can't imagine how I have decided to marry this guy!!!'

Mother: 'Sure, Ruwayda, that's no big deal. Just do whatever you want if you really cannot stand it. But before that, do one thing first... Remember the savings book I gave you on your wedding day? Take out all money and spend it first. You shouldn't keep any record of such a poor marriage.'

Ruwayda thought it was true. So she went to the Islamic Bank, waiting at the queue and planning to withdraw the amounts and to cancel the account. She intended to give Hamza his due share.

While she was waiting, she took a look at the book record. She looked, and looked, and looked. Then the memory of all the previous joy and happiness just came up in her mind. Her eyes were then filled with tears. She left and went home. When she was home, she handed the book to her husband, and asked him to spend the money before getting divorced.

The next day, Hamza gave the book back to Ruwayda. She found a new deposit of R5000...and a line next to the record: 'This is the day I noticed how much I've loved you through out all these years. How much happiness you've brought me.' They hugged and cried, putting the savings book back to the safe.

Do you know how much money they had saved when they retired? I did not ask. I believe the money did not matter any more after they had gone through all the good years in their life.

"When you fall, in any way, Don't see the place where you fell, Instead see the place from where you slipped. Life is about correcting mistakes."

In every moment of our lives, we are given a choice. How shall we regard this world in which we live? Is it good, or not? Is there hope for the future, or not? Is this world full of beauty, life, blessing and love; or is it cold, heartless and ruthless? In every moment, it is one or the other...and how we regard and react to it is up to us.

“If you are grateful, I will surely increase My favours unto you” (Quran-Surah Ibrahim 14: 7).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The month of Rajab has dawned

Rajab, being the seventh month of the Islamic calendar is a stepping stone to the auspicious months of Sha'baan and Ramadaan. Rajab is from the Ashur Hurum (Sacred months), one of four such months in which battles were prohibited. When the moon of Rajab was sighted, Rasullulah (SAW) would recite the following Dua:

Allahumma baarik lana fee rajaba wa sha'bana wa ballighna ramadaan.
"Oh Allah, grant us blessings in the months of Rajab and Sha'baan and make us reach the month of Ramadaan"
(Shu'abul-Imaan and Ibnus Sunni)

This Dua should be recited regularly in the months of Rajab and Sha'baan. In preparation for Ramadaan, the relevance of Rajab may be understood as the month to sow seeds (good actions), Sha'baan is the month in which we should water those seeds (with tears of remorse) and Ramadaan is the month in which we reap the harvest.

Whilst the arrival of Ramadaan is certain, no person is guaranteed reaching Ramadaan. Rasullulah (SAW) would express his eagerness to be blessed with the month of Ramadaan from Rajab. We should therefore become more inclined towards virtuous deeds and Ibadah in these months.

May Allah Ta'ala let us all reach Ramadaan and grant us the ability to spend it in a manner most pleasing to Him. Ameen.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday celebrations galore!!

Like I have said in a previous post, there are so many birthdays during June, I just cannot keep up!!

A very Happy chappy birthday to my dearest cousin, Shaheema!! Without whose wisdom, I would be completely lost!! May the Almighty bless you perpetually, may the coming days be only good to you & your family!! Excitement mounts as your wedding day approaches, I cannot wait to share in the moment with you. Don't talk about the other plans we have for later during the year, I shall not let the cat out of the bag just yet, wink, wink!!

For this is the culmination of any woman's dream, to wed the love of her life!! May Allah guide both of you to the best of understanding and may your married life be filled with only joy, happiness & lots of babies, hehehehe!! For you surely deserve that and so much more!!

Love you lots like jelly tots!! Muahahahaha!!

I have been quite lazy to update my blog of late, there are so many things to write about. I just seem to be experiencing a sort of 'writer's block??' Whatever it is, I hope it passes quickly so that I can get down to the nitty gritty!!

Watch this space, see you soon!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy birthday sis.....

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!! May the Almighty grant you many more healthy, happy years with us Insha-Allah Ameen. May they be filled with barakah, ghair, Imaan & Taqwah Ameen!!

We have certainly come a long way, haven’t we??!! From our childhood days (if I think about the sibling rivalry, hehehe), through our blossoming youth (there it just got worse didn’t it?? hahahaha) and then into the roles of a wife, and then a mother (we grew up big time!!).

I admire you so much for the way you look after those 3 boys, oh and, lets not forget about the youngest one (Mika-eel), wink, wink!! Please don’t tell him I said so, hahahaha!! But then again, if he reads my post first, OI!! He’s so gonna fry me for this!!

You’re doing one sterling job Nads, keep it up!!

Love you lots like jelly tots!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy birthday Sayang!!

Time has passed by so swiftly, yet another year gone. 

May the Almighty grant you all that is good in this life & in the hereafter. May the coming year hold promises of untold joy & happiness, for you deserve all this & more, Insha-Allah Ameen!! 

I cannot thank you enough for your presence in my life. From the first word spoken, little did I know what an impact you would make on this heart torn asunder. 

Remember those walls i built??
  Well, baby, they're tumbling down
  They didn't even put up a fight,
                   They didn't even make a sound.
I found a way to let you in,
  but I never really had a doubt.
Standing in the light of your halo,
  I got my angel now!!

It's like I've been awakened,
  every rule, I had you break it.
  It's the risk that I'm taking,
I ain't never gonna shut you out.

Every where I'm looking down,
  I'm surrounded by your embrace. 
Baby, I can see your halo,
  you know you're my saving grace.
  You're everything I need and more,

It's written all over your face.
  Baby I can see your halo,
  I pray it won't fade away!!

Hit my like a ray of sun,
  burning through my darkest night.
  You're the only one that I want,
  think I'm addicted to your light.

I swore I'd never fall again,
  but this don't even feel like falling.
  Gravity can forget,
To pull me back to the ground again.



                   It's like I've been awakened,

                   every rule I had you break it                                                                                                                                                                                                                .
 It's the risk that I'm taking,
  I ain't ever gonna shut you out!!
Every where I'm looking down,
  I'm surrounded by your embrace.
Baby, I can see your halo,
  You know you're my saving grace.
You're everything I need & more,
 It's written all over your face.
  Baby, I can feel your halo,
  I pray it won't fade away!!

Sayang kamu......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A restless soul.....

means that something is amiss, right??

For the past few months I have found it very hard to concentrate when making my prayers. At first I hadn't realized what was happening until recently, when I found myself doubting the amount of raka-aats I had performed. I was so disorientated, it was scary!! My thoughts were elsewhere!! 

Being one to fast on a Monday & Thursday whenever I was able to, was also something I had prided myself in. How did this habit fall on the wayside?? I know that I am human and prone to mistakes & weaknesses but the state I find myself in lately has me questioning my actions as a believer. Surely Allah is most Merciful, most Forgiving!! 

I couldn't quite put my finger on the cause of my disorientation. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we do things out of habit. Instead of trying to get out of the rut, we continue because it feels comfortable. We fear the consequences if we change it, not knowing that with change comes the opportunity to better yourself. 

I hope that I get the chance to redeem myself fully, as our time on this earth is very short & we should definitely use it wisely Insha-Allah Ameen!! 

Oh Allah, please keep me steadfast in my attempts to gain Your favour & bountiful blessings. I have so much to be grateful for!! 

Monday, May 25, 2009

A day sightseeing with Asmah & her husband

Arrangements were made Friday evening to meet Asmah at their apartment for brekkie Saturday morning. All went well, until the ATM machine decided to swallow my bank card!! OI!!

Luckily for me, the bank was to open in a few minutes, but that would also mean that I would be late to meet Asmah. What a way to make a first impression eh??!! I only arrived at the Waterfront just before 10am and I should have been there by 9am. I missed breakfast & a chance to become acquainted with the couple before setting off on our day of sightseeing. But all is well, that ends well, yes??!!

Our first stop was the Grand Parade to see if they could find some Cape Town products to take home. The price of curio products on the Waterfront were too exorbitant, specifically aimed at the tourist market. Asmah & her husband did a good deal of shopping, hehehehe!! Asmah's squeals of delight had me laughing most of the time. She spotted a Muslim man with a kuffiyah on his head and said, "There's my uncle!!"

While shopping Asmah's husband received a call from home, bearing bad news. Her grandfather had passed away. Innalielahie wa inna ielayhie rajieoen. May Allah have mercy on his soul!! This was the reason why their stay was cut short. And because her youngest son was missing them so. He had called a couple of times complaining of his older brother, hehehehe!!

After the parade we made our way to a place offering safaris, they're based in Durbanville. I had never heard of it until the taxi driver mentioned it. Clara Anna Fontein?? Ring any bells?? But we were turned away unfortunately, because the safari had to be booked 48 hours beforehand. Spier Estate located in Stellenbosch was the next stop. Cheetahs and picturesque landscapes were the order of the day!!

By the time we were done it was way past the lunch hour. Noon Gun restaurant was the stop for lunch. Located right at the top of Longmarket street in Bo-Kaap, this restaurant offered Cape Malay cuisine at it's best!! Karlie (the taxi driver), Asmah's husband & I ordered bobotie & Asmah had some breyani.

A stop at the local masjid for prayers was next & thereafter it was back to their apartment at the waterfront. More pics were taken there & I was given a beautiful coffee table book on Malaysia, as well as 2 beautiful scarves!! Thank you once again my dear, it is very much appreciated!! I cannot wait till you visit our shores again, hopefully this time, we'll get to spend more time together Insha-Allah!!

When I visit Malaysia soon, I will definitely be stopping by Insha-Allah!! Just wish the Home Affairs Department would speed up with the passport already!! Sheesh!!