Monday, July 7, 2008

America's Supermodels eat your heart out!!

I was so excited on Saturday because we had another Smooches fashion show scheduled. It was the 4th one so far and the 2nd one I was taking part in.

So as the day unfolded my excitement grew. I left my home at about 5pm and took a taxi to my cousin's home. Raafiek picked me up at the taxi drop off point and when I arrived at Shaheema's home, the mad rush began!! Some of the ladies had already been fitted out and were just doing final touches to their hair and make-up. My eldest daughter was to model too, she sure was nervous!!

By the time we had all finished dressing, there were just about 15 minutes left to get to the venue. All the ladies were very nervous, most of them had never done a fashion show before. Nonetheless tensions were running high and there were so many questions!! "How do we walk?? How big is the stage?? How long do we stay on stage??" It was truly madness, but oh so much fun!! The venue was filled to capacity, so the designs would get extensive exposure. And that was definitely the goal.

The music started and the 1st lady hit the stage with wild applause!! Then the 2nd, the 3rd and so forth!! The crowd certainly enjoyed the designs they were seeing. Hmmmm, or was it the absolutely gorgeous models wearing the dresses??!! LOL!! Suffice to say that the show was a huge success!! Shaheema is sure to get a huge response with regards to her Smooches label. She really has been working very hard to make this dream a reality. With her perseverance and dedication her dream will materialize sooner than later!!

Who knows, we could be seeing her being featured at the next SA Fashion Week!! Girl Power rules!! Yeah!!

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Smooches said...

Oh my Couz! You certainly know how to put a smile on my dial! You get me in stitches all the time! LOL! Thanks, that was a lovely post... I'm elated that you had such a good time... coz one things for sure... you made a spectacularly beautiful model! Stunning in burnt orange! Much love couz, Shaheema.