Friday, September 26, 2008

Al-Wiedah ya Ramadaan!!

The time has passed too quickly hasn't it???!! I sometimes I wish I could hold onto the last few days but alas we have almost reached the end of Ramadaan!!

Reflecting on this Ramadaan, I have certainly done more than in past years, Alghumdulillah!! My only concern now is to follow through with my actions throughout the year. May Allah make it easier for all of us to do so Insha-Allah Ameen!!

I'm quite excited about breaking fast this evening. I shall be meeting Iman Rahima and family for boeka. She has requested to meet all the people who had responded to her article about her family reverting to Islam. I'll be blogging about it soon, watch this space!!

I shall be taking leave as of next week Monday, will only return to work and the blogisphere on Thursday Insha-Allah. For this purpose, I would like to wish everyone a joyful Eidul Fitr with family & friends. May Allah shower His choicest blessings on you and may He keep you safe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uncertainty in days ahead

My head feels abuzz right now!! President Thabo Mbeki has officially resigned from his post as President of this country!! You can be sure that there are many to follow suite!!

This puts SA in a very precarious situation doesn't it??? And as the world looks on, I'm beginning to wonder what happened to the beautiful SA that made headlines 14 years ago when we had our first democratic elections. I think the major rift between the ruling party, the ANC, is being caused by one bad apple, Jacob Zuma.

There are rumours that Thabo Mbeki intends to launch a new political party. My only fear is that Jacob Zuma now has a good chance to run for the President of SA. How can someone who has no moral values lead a country, I ask??? After all the scandal he has brought and is still continuing to bring to the political arena, I shudder to think that Zuma may actually succeed in acquiring the Presidency!!!

Imagine, a man who actually thinks that having a shower after having sexual intercourse with a woman who has the HIV virus, will protect him from contracting the virus!! I am no political analyst but past behaviour is a prerequisite of present and future behaviour. Sound too much like Dr. Phil??? I don't think so!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Embarrassing moment

I arrived at the lecture half an hour before the time Alghumdulillah!! I was able to take some pics as well as find a seat right in the front. When Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien arrived he enquired if all the students had received their notes via email. There were a few students who hadn't so he made a note to resend.

The following is what transpired just before the lecture started:

Sheikh: Oh, before I continue with my lesson, who is Shahieda???

Shahieda (looking around the class to see if there was another student of the same name, as luck would have it no one else raised their hand!! By then I was as red as a tomato!!)

Sheikh (repeating himself): Shahieda, you have committed a crime. Who is Shahieda???

Shahieda (wishing the ground would open up and swallow me, but raising my hand very hesitantly anyway!!): My name is Shahieda

Sheikh (smiling): Would you like me to tell you what crime you have committed?? And before I tell you, is there any other person named Shahieda just in case I have the wrong person??

Shahieda (wishing I was a cartoon character and could just slide off my chair and disappear): Yes, is there anyone else named Shahieda??

Sheikh (trying to contain his amusement): Shahieda do you have a blog???

Shahieda (completely taken aback now): Yes I do, why do you ask??

Sheikh (laughing now): You see, I spy on my students!! I happened to read your blog.

Shahieda (laughing nervously): You have??

Sheikh: Yes, and I want to thank you for your comments on my lectures

Shahieda (letting out my breath with a sigh of relief): Oh, oh!! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have you perhaps read my post on the book 'Pawns in the Game' by William Guy Carr?? I'd like your opinion if you have read the book. The author has studied comparative religions.

Sheikh: I haven't read the book, would you like to tell me what it's about.

Shahieda: Well the author expounds on a group called the Illuminati, I haven't completed the book yet. The crux of his writing is that everyone is controlled by these men who want to have everyone believe that God does not exist.

Sheikh: I'm inclined to think that it's a conspiracy theory.

Shahieda: Oh really?? Are those your thoughts on the book itself??

Sheikh: Yes, let's get on with the lecture.

After the lecture I approached the Sheikh to purchase a book he had recommended, Islamic Jurisprudence written by C G Weeramantry. I was just about to ask him how he came about discovering my blog when he asked me if I wanted to know. Apparently the Sheikh had Google searched his name and my name popped up with the rest of the results!! I had used his link in my one of my posts!! How about that!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whirlwind weekend Part 2

I hardly had any sleep Friday evening due to me having too much caffeine in my system!! So I felt quite groggy Saturday morning. I really had to concentrate when I attended the Usul-lul-Fiqh class, sheesh!!

Oh and I wasn't able to take any pics of the masjid inside or of the auditorium because I arrived late *hangs head in shame*. What made it worse was I had to sit right at the back of the class and I normally take a seat in the front row!! I tried making a video whilst listening at the same time, my attempts proved futile to say the least. The sound quality isn't too good and you can hardly make out the image of the Sheikh in the front. So I'll have to take some pics on the next lecture, I promise to be early, promise, really!!

The lecture was awesome once again, like I said before, feel free to visit Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien's website to have a peek. He has mentioned that his notes will be extensive with regards to the topic. After attending the lecture I walked around at the flea market which is based near the masjid. I found an Eid dress for Ghaalietha, 1 down 2 to go!! It's always a mission to find something for Aqeedah, she's grown so much. In previous years I've always bought her fancy dresses or Shararahs, now I go for simpler ones because she outgrows the outfits too quickly!!

Then I jumped into a taxi and went to meet Nadia in Woodstock. We browsed around at a glassware store where I spied decorative nozzles for cakes as well as washable cloth piping bags. We then popped in at my mom's place to wish Ansaar for his birthday. After leaving Ansaar, we returned to Sea Point where Nadia was staying for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The view from Nadia's hotel room!!

We had decided to break fast at Spur, Shaheema and family was joining us. The queue at Spur was very long!! We waited a whole hour for a table but it was worth it!! The food was yummy and the company was awesome!!

Shireen, Moi, Nadia, Aunty Faeeza & Shaheema

Anwar, Mika-eel & Nadia

After leaving Spur we decided on meeting for coffee at Caturra. Where the conversation steered in the direction of the book, Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr. Once again nobody had heard about this book but was very interested in what I had read so far. I haven't received a response with the post I did on the book, so I'm just going to assume nobody wants to comment on it!! Will just have to finish reading it and come to my own conclusions.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A whirlwind weekend

I'm feeling a bit melancholy and lethargic today!! I'm either still recovering from my weekend or my monthly visitor will be arriving soon!! I sure hope it would be the former, I still have a long way to go to finish my ghatam.

So, before my mood completely goes to the dogs, I'll update my blog with my recent spate of ongoings!! Friday was spent in the company of Cindy, Shiehaam, Aneesa & Sedick with their children as well as Leroy. Shaheema was also supposed to be there but couldn't make it. I missed you couz!! Aneesa and her husband had invited us to break fast at their home in Strandfontein.

The host couple, Aneesa & Sedick

What a fabulous time we had together!! When breaking fast at home I don't eat much, but I have a tendency to overeat when breaking fast elsewhere!! We each made something and it's not polite to not have of everything!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, ok!! LOL!!

My never fail choc chip pancakes!!

The ever popular mousse cake, well what's left of it!!

All the ladies, Shiehaam, Moi, Aneesa and Cindy!!

Nevertheless, the conversation was great and the kids had a ball with all the sweets that were handed out!!

Shiehaam couldn't resist hogging some sweeties for herself!! LOL!!

There was a little boy who showed his audience how he could contort his body, I forget his name!! I've attached a video clipping of his actions. Please do not try this at home!!

Thank you to all of you, we must definitely do this again!! Check my next post for my continued weekend of caffeine highs!! LOL!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Conspiracy theory or fact???

After having a conversation with Abu Hafidz with regards to the upcoming American Elections, I remembered one year during high school, my English teacher mentioned a certain group called the Illuminati. It was said that they were the puppet masters and we were the puppets.

I also recall a classmate mentioning that she had read a book about this. After having asked about it, Abu Hafidz mentioned as reference a book written by William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game. I have only recently started reading it and it's caused the hair on my neck and arms to stand on end, to say the least!! The reason for this post, is to get feedback from anybody else who has read this book. If what the author has written is true, then why are we not doing anything about it??? Yes, I am fully aware that all our comings and goings boil down to the strife between good and evil. But if I look at the world today, I tend to think that the scales are tipping and that good is lagging behind dismally!!

I have also realised that I can only make changes with myself first, but how to get people on a global scale to do the same, I have no idea!! I know I must sound like I'm rambling like a mad woman but humour me. I don't wish to mention any details of the book as I don't want to taint any responses I might receive. If you haven't read it yet, please take the time to do so. I'm waiting in angst for any responses!! It will be much appreciated!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Today, I'd like to wish my brother-in-law Mika-eel, a very happy 40th birthday!! May Allah grant you all that is good in this life and the Hereafter, Insha-Allah Ameen!! May you continue to be the strong support to your family. Like the saying goes, "Life begins at 40," so break a leg!! Also, slamat on your wedding anniversary, may Allah continue to guide you and Nadia to the best of understanding Insha-Allah!!

Then, a Happy Birthday to my brother Ansaar, who celebrates his birthday on the 13th Insha-Allah. May Allah guide and protect you always. Stay the caring dad that you are to your son, Amjad, and continue to be a good husband and example to your wife Aaliyah!! You are always in my duas and I pray that Allah grants you a long life filled with Barakah & Ghair Insha-Allah Ameen!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Visitor

On arriving at work today, I had the pleasure of meeting this little one!!

Her name is Sam, and she's the daughter of the lady who cleans our offices. Lucky girl, accompanying mum to work, don't you think?? There are times when I wish I was a little girl again, no responsibilities and not a care in the world!!

I had Sam at my desk for some company while I was working away at the accounts. Here are some of the pics she colored in, I found them on the net!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hectic days ahead!!

Yes, yes, I haven't been updating my blog for 2 weeks now!! My apologies, with everything going on in my life these days I can't seem to find the time to sit still for a couple of minutes and write something. So, today before I do anything else I'll just do an entry quickly!!

I have 4 posts which I haven't published yet but will do so in the coming days Insha-Allah!! That is if the time will allow me. With Ramadaan on us my time has now become somewhat of a scarce commodity. Take Saturday for instance, my day started at 4:30am preparing something for us to eat. My children are all fasting Alghumdulillah!! After having eaten, it's time to read Quran. I have to finish my ghatam this year for once!! So I'm really pushing myself with regards to that. After Fajr I read again until sunrise. Then I made an order of cake and pies before leaving for a class that I have registered for. I'm very excited about it as Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien is the lecturer. The course he offers this time around is Usul-lul-Fiqh, the method with which our jurists extract law from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Nabi (SAW).

The lecture was very enlightening!! The venue of the course is the beautiful Masjidul Quds. It is such a beautiful mosque, I promise to have some pics of the class as well as the inside of the masjid the next time I do a post. The esteemed Sheikh has a website you may want to visit for notes on the courses he gives. Feel free to do so at The class finished at 12pm and then it was off to a meeting at the school my children attend. Aqeedah and Uthmaan will be going on tour with the school just after the September holidays. So far we've managed to raise more than half the fare for the both of them, Alghumdulillah!! Uthmaan has been washing cars over weekends and Aqeedah has been selling mum's baking at school as well as in the neighbourhood.

After the meeting I returned home and decorated the cake. Read more Quran till about Asr, then it was more pies and quiche to be made, there's certainly no end is there!! Nonetheless, I'm kept very busy and that's a good thing. No time for my mind to wander!! By the time I had finished the orders it was time to prepare for Boeka!! After breaking fast it was more Quran till just before Eshaa. The children and I attend Taraweegh Salaah at the masjid in the area. So off to the masjid we went. By the time we returned home the children were bushed!! Off to bed with the 3 of them. I was left to my own devices, so I, yep you guessed it, made more pies & quiche!! I rolled pastry till about 11pm, read Quran till about 12am. By the time my head hits the pillow in the evenings, sleep comes blissfully!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Calm after the storm

For the past week, Cape Town has been ravished by tempestuous storms. Causing destruction in it's path as well as leaving many people homeless!!

The weather had toned down a bit yesterday. While walking home from the bus stop, I happened to spy this. I was quite ecstatic when I pulled out the camera in time. Just after I took the pic it evaporated!!