Friday, November 28, 2008

India se 9/11.....

That was the headline that greeted me this morning while on my way to work!!!

I am deeply disturbed & saddened by the fact that humans kill in the name of religion. All religions preach peace & the sanctity of life. For too long have I sat back & watched atrocities being performed in the name of Islam without voicing my opinion. Today, my silence ends.......

Islam has, & always will be a religion of peace & has preached an atittude of non-violence since it's revelation. Our Prophet (SAW) was a peace loving man & would only take up arms when he or his people were threatened. One just needs to read up on how he handled the situation with the Christians of Najraan, a city in Yemen 1360 years ago. The Holy Quran preaches non violence too & the maxim that a human is innocent until proven guilty.

These militant 'Islamists' who go around killing innocent people in the name of Allah & calling it Jihaad are twisting verses from the Quran to their end. There is no verse in the Quran that condones such senseless acts.

Many non Muslims have the perception that Jihaad means 'war'. Jihaad means struggle or difficulty. That is, any struggle or difficulty that you may encounter on your journey through life. So, I do not understand where the concept of Jihaad meaning 'war' stems from & why, when mentioned brings fear & images of violence to mind!!

Recently I happened to watch the movie 'Body of lies', starring Leonardo Dicaprio & Russell Crowe. Let me just say that if what was portrayed here is what really happens if these militant groups go about their 'duties', then I'm in need of a wake up call!!

The only way to remove these perceptions is to educate those around us. Islam is a most beautiful religion & if we would take the time to read up on all the facets of it, we would realise how complete it is!! Hopefully my post today will help in some small significant way. I've always believed that the pen is mightier than the sword, may Allah guide & protect us all Insha-Allah Ameen!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The person responsible............

for my frustration at work will be going on leave for the next three weeks. YAY!! I'm ecstatic. Can you tell???

I've decided that during the time he is away from the office I'll be able to put procedures in place that would allow for smoother running of the accounting side of the company. Lets just hope that when he returns, he's going to adhere to procedure.

Since working here my days are filled with trying to explain why a paper trail from an accounting perspective is very important. Shucks, the sales staff don't even make out a receipt for cash received. HUH?? Where have you ever heard that??

The C.O.D account is in the 120 day outstanding mark already & trying to get contact information from him for the specific customers is like trying to draw water from a rock!! CASH.ON.DELIVERY. That's what it's supposed to mean, I think the dictionary he uses probably has it listed as meaning something else, hehehe.

Nonetheless, I look forward to the peace & quiet of the next three weeks. No shouting, no smoking in the warehouse, no cussing & certainly no temper tantrums!! I'll probably have to pinch myself every now & again to remind myself I'm not dreaming!! LOL!!

Shucks, I could definitely get used to him not being around at all. But that, my friends, would be wishful thinking on my part!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's strange how children tend to air their fears.

Last night while cleaning up my kitchen, Uthmaan confessed that he was very frustrated. A 11 year old, frustrated??

I stopped what I was doing & gave him my full attention. What he told me completely blew me away to say the least!!

The following is the conversation that ensued:

Uthmaan: Mom, I need to tell you something. But you have to take this very seriously, ok.

Me (totally taken aback): I take everything you say seriously, my dear!!

Uthmaan (wearing a very somber expression): Ok, I need a brother in this house!! Being the only boy is driving me crazy!!

Me (stifling a grin): I completely understand my boy!! I'd feel the same way if I were in your shoes. But you do realise what it means for this to happen??

Uthmaan: Yes mum, it means you need to get married. I want you to but I need to feel comfortable with that person first.

Me(comforting him): There's no way I would even consider marrying someone if my children weren't happy with him.

Uthmaan(sighing): I know that mum, you say that all the time. But it's time for you to settle down now, you've been on your own too long.

Me(thinking how quickly he's grown up): I need to find someone suitable first, not so?? In this day & age it's kinda difficult. So just be patient & make dua for me, ok.

Uthmaan: Yes, I don't want someone who's going to hurt you or someone who won't accept us. You're always in my duas mum & remember that I love you!!

Me: I love you too sweets!!

When I had put my children to bed, I realised that Uthmaan's fears were brought on by the episode of Sewende Laan he had watched earlier. Errol's mom has a boyfriend who physically abuses her, she has such a low self esteem that she doesn't realise what it's doing to herself & her son.

He's also picked up on my aloof mood of late. I've always been one to not let anything dampen my spirits. But lately it's been difficult because of various things taking place. There's my loneliness for one (it's quite overwhelming at times), Raihaana's trip to the doctor again & the one year anniversary of my gran who passed away from lung cancer.

Uthmaan's conversation made me realise that I need to be more weary of how I go about dealing with my feelings. Yes, I'm only human but the conversation was certainly a wake up call!!

So, this is how my children keep me grounded!! And like I said yesterday when I commented on Nazrah's note, my children are certainly the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yep, I've just turned 35 years old (read: 21) & I am utterly grateful for my circumstances Alghumdulillah!!

Firstly, I would like to thank my Creator for the blessings in my life, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without His Ragmah.

They say that the older we become the wiser we are. Wiser, perhaps but I'm still one who can be whimsical, crazy & foolish at the same time, hehehe. But I wouldn't change that for the world!! It's this whimsical & foolish nature that made me celebrate my birthday at the Capetonian Hotel with family members. What was so whimsical or foolish about that?? Well, I asked all my guests to dress up big time!! So, it ended up looking more like a Debutant Ball, hehehe.

Suffice to say that I ended up being fashionably late (read: I wanted to make an entrance).

The food was scrumptious, the company vibey & fun. I only missed one person.......... (sigh)

To crown it all, Gakiema had surprised me with a birthday cake, candles & all!! She can be as crazy & foolish as I am. I don't see how otherwise, as we're both Scorpios, celebrating our birthdays days from each other!! Shukran sweets, you made my day & I didn't even see it coming!! LOL!!

A great, big Shukran to Shaheema for making the most beautiful dress!! And for always reminding me that 'I am beautiful in every single way, words can't bring me down.' Love you lots like jelly tots!!

To all my family & friends, I cannot thank you enough for your sms', emails & phone calls!! Your well wishes & duas are greatly appreciated!! Without your love & support I would not be able to weather the many storms life has thrown my way. I cannot see a life without any one of you!! May Allah bless each one of you & may we still be together & continue to grow for a long time to come Insha-Allah Ameen!!