Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Caffeine High!!

I haven't hosted anything at my home recently, but last night I invited my cousins and partners over for pancakes and coffee. The actual reason for the invitation was to discuss the upcoming fashion show the Smooches label was having.

Not that we even got to discussing the show much. We were too busy digging into choc chip pancakes that I had made!! I served them with lots of fresh cream and golden syrup, yummy!! And to make things worse, I made us cappuccinos too!! The caffeine surely went to my head. While the coffee made the others sleepy, I knew that I would certainly not be getting any sleep!! LOL!! I don't consume anything with caffeine normally but when I have guests or go out with friends and family, I have cappuccinos or the likes!!
Nonetheless we really had fun and just chatted about everything in general. And yes the Deepak Chopra interview in the O mag was part of the discussion, again!! LOL!! Like I said previously, when something really resonates with me I won't stop talking about it until I've told everyone about it!
The kids have been on holiday at a friends home since Sunday, so I'm home alone!! And that was another reason for having invited the cousins over, so I would get to spend some quality time with them. Especially Gakiema, we hadn't spoken on a one on one basis in ages!!
Shaheema has an affinity for butterflies, hence the pics of just the crockery!! LOL!!

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Smooches said...

oooh wee! And weren't those pancakes just divine! Truly melted in my mouth and yes, the crockery was lovely! Truly spectacular! Shukran for inviting us over, really needed the break away, needless to say, i thoroughly enjoyed myself! Shukran Shahieda, lots of love, Shaheema. xxx