Sunday, December 13, 2009


She's been a constant support to me from the word go. From the day we met, there was a dynamic connection that would change our lives for the better, and bring with it a friendship that would see me through many a trials and tribulations.

Nisa & I met almost ten years ago when I arrived at her home for a job interview. I had no idea that within the next six months my marriage would fall apart and she would be my fiercest cheerleader. Keeping me sane and reminding me constantly that I was stronger than I thought I was and that the kids were my number one priority.

I threw myself into my work, but slowly begun opening up to her with my woes. We were so similar in our thinking, hobbies, reading material and even the experiences we had as children. I had found a confidante, someone I could share everything with, who understood exactly where I was coming from.

We worked together for four years, when her marriage hit rock bottom. I was there, her constant support, her shoulder to cry on, her confidante. I identified with her in so many ways. She, like I, tried her best to cushion her children from the after effects of a messy divorce. I think women are built that way, nurturing protectors, no matter the cost.

Because the business she had was co-owned with her then husband. The situation at the office became somewhat tense and not conducive to amicable working conditions. According to her husband I was on 'her side' so he made it quite difficult for both of us. It was this reason that forced me to find another job.

That didn't stop us from keeping contact though. Emails, phone calls and sms'es let me know how she was coping. This mode of communication was the scene for the next 2 years. Then I received an sms to let me know that she was remarrying. I was ecstatic! I had met the guy before. It was someone she could really relate to, he was after all a very good friend first before he became her husband.

After that we lost touch and recently I received an email from her asking me to visit. She missed the conversations and according to her, I was the only person beside her present husband, who knew what made her tick. Two weeks ago, the kids and I visited her. Was I blown away by the transformation that had taken place with her and her home.

When I last saw her, there were renovations taking place. She, being the artistic type, had done the renovations herself with the help of hubby dearest, who was a building contractor. They make such a great team!! Her home is a tribute to her sense of decor and style. She loves hosting family get togethers and parties.

She also does abstract oil paintings and was commissioned by a hotel in Long Street to provide them with 150 paintings in one week!!

Yes, I said one week! And each painting was different from the next! I was in awe with the paintings that was done during the time I had visited. Clearly she was able to express herself better in the new environment she was in. She had grown tremendously!

She couldn't believe how fast my kids have grown up. And she was in awe of me too, of the continued growth and the milestones that have been reached.

For she, like me, knows exactly what it's like to hit rock bottom and then lift your head high and take whatever life brings your way and make it work!!

No matter what!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The latest addition to the family

On the 13th November 2009, I received an sms from my mum. It read, "Faghriyya rushed to hospital this morning!!"

Everyone was taken by surprise because the little one was only due by the end of November, 27th November to be exact. Faghriyya's little bundle of joy couldn't wait that long, hehehe. And mother was receiving an early birthday present as she celebrated her birthday on the 14th, a day after the little one's arrival.

Just two weeks before his arrival, Faghriyya and I were saying how funny it would be if baby was born before the 21st November. This would make him a Scorpio and that would mean that mum, dad and baby were Scorpios, eek!

Imagine that??!! Three Scorpios under one roof!

The parents had not chosen a name for him yet, as they were too elated that the pregnancy had gone so well. Faghriyya had growths on her ovaries previously and was struggling to conceive. One of her ovaries were eventually removed. The news of her conception was therefore greeted with much elation, Alghumdulillah!!

The name giving ceremony took place the Sunday after his birth. On arriving at Faghriyya's home, I was ecstatic to discover that they had chosen the name, Muhammad Shahied, Masha-Allah! I finally had a namesake in the family, hehehe!

May Allah guide him on the right path. May he be an obedient boy to his parents and elders. May joy, happiness & prosperity shine on him always, Insha-Allah Ameen!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FIFA 2010 fever hits Cape Town

I'm not really a soccer fan and haven't sat down to watch a game. But the furore surrounding the recent draw that took place at the CTICC had me glued to my tv screen!

South Africa, or Cape Town I should rather say, has proved that it can rise to the occasion when required to host an event of this magnitude, if the draw is anything to go by. The FIFA Fest party that was hosted in Long Street, Cape Town, was a huge success, drawing something like 60 000 people! And that was only the count by late afternoon, more people made their way to the venue after leaving their offices for the day.

Seeing as our offices were a stones throw away from the venue Caroline, Blonde, Roger & I decided to take a walk during lunch. We were amazed by the activities taking place already. The weather was perfect with Table Mountain looming in the background. A few local SA bands were expected to play throughout the day, Alister Izobel was on stage during the time we were there. And had the crowd singing to the song 'Welcome to Cape Town'

Also making an appearance were the contestants of the Miss World Pageant being hosted in Johannesburg within the next few days. There were cultural bands playing drums & xylophones, instruments associated with the beat of Africa.

While we were walking around in Long street, Remi had decided to get some Nandos for lunch. Waiting for his lunch he noticed a few guys dressed in suits, upon closer inspection, he realized that David Beckham was standing a few feet away!! He managed to pull out his phone to snap a pic, not a very good one of Beckham though. But what was quite hilarious about his pic, was the fact that everyone in Nandos had managed to snap away with their hand phones!! And he had caught this commotion in his pic, hahahaha!!

I sure hope that Cape Town gets to host the final match, it's sure to be a thriller! I can picture it now: Green point stadium filled to capacity and everyone on their feet with the excitement of the game! Not forgetting the vukuzela being blown until the sound reaches fever pitch!

Exciting times lay ahead innit!!