Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exciting news!!

For many years I've been toying with the idea of providing novelty birthday cakes to an orphanage or adoption agency. Well, it looks like the time has finally come for that idea to materialise!!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do so but because of the location of the agency transporting the goodies was going to pose a problem. They were located in Newlands, way too far for me to travel with cake via public transport. Over the weekend a friend came to order some cake for a 6 year old. He proceeded in telling me about an orphanage he spends every Sunday at. You can just imagine my surprise when I found out it was literally on my doorstep!! Just 2 roads away from me!!

I am so excited, this is just what I've been waiting for!! I quickly asked him to please give me details on the children staying there, i.e. , their ages and sex. There are 12 of them. I will certainly be blogging about this in the upcoming months!! According to him there's a birthday in August month for a 2 year old. Can you just imagine the look on that little one's face when he hears that he'll be having a party for his birthday???

It will certainly give me great pleasure to be doing this. It will also put things into perspective with regards to my children, they will get to see firsthand what it entails to be living without parents. And I'm sure it will bring home the fact that they are very lucky to still have their own parents care for them. A lesson they could well thank me for when they are older Insha-Allah Ameen!!

So, my dua is: 'O Allah allow me the ability and strength to accomplish my goals and may my intention be one of good, always. Insha-Allah Ameen!!'

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Smooches said...

Insha-Allah, Ameen! May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled and materialise. Your dream is a beautiful one and it will bring happiness to many! May Allah continuously reward you for this good intention and all others that live in your heart! Masha-Allah.

With love,