Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Caffeine High!!

Hmmm, I should stop doing this, I know!!

After having scheduled a meeting with friends who are visiting from JHB, I certainly couldn't back out from getting together with them at Mugg and Bean. The evening before I only got to sleep at 3am and woke as usual at 4;30am to get ready for work!! Yeah, it sure is craziness on my part but what else could I do if I couldn't doze off when I wanted to!!

I felt a bit groggy during the day but when I arrived home from work, I quickly made my prayers and tried to call my friend. Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to him because the phone just rang. He's probably still very busy with the projects he mentioned. Nonetheless I miss him terribly!! Patience sure is a virtue!! Sigh!!

Shanaaz picked me up at about 20:15 and then we fetched Mariam and Nashieka. By the time we arrived at Mugg and Bean I was famished!! Shanaaz and I decided to share a mushroom and blue cheese soup. It doesn't sound very appetizing but we were pleasantly surprised!! I also ordered a smoked chicken wrap and a 'serious cappuccino'. It was most certainly a 'serious' cappuccino, going straight to my head as it seeped into my bloodstream!! LOL!! Suffice to say I was probably not going to get any sleep again!! Mariam and Nashieka shared a yummy Salmon bagel with salaad and cream cheese as well as chocolate cake and lemon meringue!!

Like the saying goes, 'Good food and good company are a rare treasure', (I made that one up, wink, wink!!). Shanaaz and I only met Nashieka that evening but we clicked immediately, speaking about everything from books, movies, the developement of women in general and the state of the country. Nashieka and I are very much alike, especially where reading material was concerned. Her favorite authors are mine too, namely, Stephen King and Dean R Koontz. So when I mentioned that I wanted to go and see the movie 'Room 1408', she was elated to have found out that they finally made a script for the movie!! The horror movie genre was her favorite too!!

So another bond was kindled and will certainly flourish with time Insha-Allah Ameen!! Our time on this earth should be spent with people who inspire and encourage us on a whole!!

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Smooches said...

Nice one babe! Keep it up! Yes, we should always make time to be inspired... and sometimes we are most inspired by those we least expect. Hence, never judge what's on the outside... for it is the inside character of someone that will outshine any physical beauty! Glad to have you in my life for your character and personality is something so rare! Much love, Shaheema xxx