Monday, July 21, 2008

The Titanic sunk again!!

Over the weekend we had celebrated my brother's 21st birthday, as well as my nephew, Amjad's, 1st birthday.

For Amjad, my sister and I decided on a pirate theme for the party. I was to make a cake in the shape of a ship and she would supply party packets for the kiddies. My children provided the flags and boats made from paper. The flags would be pushed into cup cakes adding to the theme and the boats were used to hold the sweets. Well I started with the baking of the cake on Saturday already. Toufeeq, my brother, just wanted a chocolate mousse cake as usual. This was a family favorite, no, I'd say a tradition!!

I had started preparing the ship cake and it was coming along nicely!! I had just finished the final decoration and was admiring it when the unthinkable happened!! The ship split right down the middle!! Oh my!! Everyone watching shouted at me to grab the cake with both hands, which I did!! Then we frantically tried anything and everything to keep the cake together and from falling apart!! With everyone giving directions as how to go about fixing it, you can just imagine what a raucous it was!!

All my hard work fell apart before my eyes!! It was sooo very frustrating, nonetheless nothing could be done to save it!

I think I was more upset because the birthday boy was sleeping and he wouldn't be able to see the finished product. Blah!!

After holding on to the cake for dear life, I finally just let go and it split open completely, spilling my jelly baby sailors all over the deck!! LOL!!

My hands looked like I had been doing finger painting LOL!! Suffice to say that the icing tasted yummy!! And it looked like I was having lots of fun!!

"Did you see what happened?? What has Tietie done??"

"What am I going to do without a birthday cake?? A birthday is not a birthday without a cake, right??"

"Did you just see that?? The whole thing fell apart!! Oh my, what now??"

"Well I'll just have to chew on one of the oars, that will have to do for now!! Yummy, it's good"

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Smooches said...

Wow... what a memorable moment. Certainly one for the books hey! And, either way, i'm sure Amjad think's your cake just looks fantastic, he enjoyed it nonetheless and had such fun with one of the swords later too!

Your work was not in vain... it created a wonderful memory, and it will certainly be treasured for years to come. Even Amjad will eventually when we tell him years from now, Insha-Allah, Ameen!