Monday, June 30, 2008

A day for the ladies!!

Saturday dawned cold and breezy but would soon turn out to be a day that was filled with warmth and friendship!!

It was our monthly get together of coffee and conversation. This time around we decided on Debbie's home as the location and breakfast was served.

Cindy had made yummy chocolate muffins, Debbie provided fruit salad and yoghurt and I made choc-chip pancakes with golden syrup and fresh cream!!

Suffice to say that we all had a marvellous time! And why wouldn't we, with Leona updating us on her antics with regards to spicing up her life!! I amaze myself at the way Leona is able to do things as a child would, with so much innocence yet knowing exactly what to do and knowing what result she was going to get! She had us rolling with laughter as she described what she did the previous evening with her husband. No, not out of the bedroom talk, just fun things she would do to make her husband sit up and take notice!! I can assure you that we were all making mental notes!! LOL!!

Debbie filled us in on her new position at a new company and all the company politics that take place there!! She certainly has a beautiful home too!! We were only supposed to be there till 11:30am but soon realised that it was going to take much longer to update everyone on what was happening in their lives!! LOL!! Our sessions with each other are so much fun!! I've come to the realisation that each of us bring our own individuality to the relationships that we have with one another. And that I wouldn't change for the world.

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