Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breathtaking start to a beautiful day!!

I'm lucky enough to work near the city centre. So every morning I travel towards Table Mountain, and what an awesome sight to behold!!

Although in winter the sun rises later and I only get to see the silhouette of the mountain against the dark backdrop of the sky, the sight still manages to move me!! And every time I think to myself, 'I live in the most beautiful city in the whole world!!' This morning was no exception, the glistening of the city lights against the mountain has such a calming effect on me. So I breath deeply, taking in the sea air, Aaaahhhh!! Home sweet home!!

I sometimes wonder if I could ever move out of the country and live somewhere else, the answer is a resounding NO!! I would travel out of the country on holiday but not on a permanent basis. Where else in the world would you find our 'Rainbow nation'?? The beautiful people of the Cape have but to look no further than their front doorstep to find awesome beauty and hospitality of the best kind!!

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