Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

What would my world be like without my fathers?? I shudder at the thought!! I say 'fathers' because I am blessed with 2 of them. One my biological father and the other my stepdad.

I cannot see a world without either of them, each man bringing his own uniqueness and color to my life. My dad doesn't live in Cape Town but in Johannesburg and it's saddens me sometimes that we cannot see each other as much as I would like. But that is something that I've grown accustomed to, so the communication that takes place is sms's, emails and phone calls. There are times though, where I wish I could hop onto a plane and just pop around!! LOL!!

My stepdad's birthday and Father's day are in close proximity of one another so we celebrate it together. This is usually done with the never fail chocolate mousse cake and family getting together for lunch or tea. This Sunday we did get together but there was a gaping wound as usual, with Faghriyyah, my younger sister, not attending.

And it was evident that it did disturb him a bit that she hadn't bothered to come. Maybe she had called him to let him know she wasn't coming?? But as far as the family was concerned she had better things to do with her time, right??

There are times when I feel like knocking some sense into that woman!! Can she not see what it is doing to him to not see her at all?? Can she not see the sadness in his eyes when she fails to attend a family function she was invited to?? But alas, like I said in a previous post, there is only so much that I can do. As her sibling i can communicate with her and try to reason with her but ultimately it will be her decision to resolve whatever issues she has with the family.

As far as I know, there isn't any. My thought has always been that you live each day as if it's your last. Live with no regrets and say what you need to say in a respectable and dignified manner, so that when the day comes that you are no more, people will remember you and the legacy you leave behind!!

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