Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An evening of fun!!

My kids have so been looking forward to the Jag concert on the 13th June, they could hardly contain their excitement!! As the time drew closer to the concert, they expressed their anxiety of not getting there in time, or that our lift wouldn't show up!! LOL!!

But their fears were quickly contained when the eve of the concert dawned upon us and arrangements were made with regards to getting there on time. We arrived a whole hour before the concert, just to make sure that we would get good seats!! My eldest one kept asking me what the time was and she kept looking at the stage hoping to catch a glimpse of the group.

So, when the MC finally made her way on stage the crowd was literally abuzz with excitement!!

And boy oh boy, was it a damn good show!! All the featured artists performed way beyond our expectations!! One of the ladies opened the show with a rendition of Beyonce's 'Listen', WOW!! She sang it with so much emotion that Raihaana turned around in her seat and gave me the thumbs up!!

Luqmaan Adams really made my day by singing 'Lonely girl', he had the house coming down!! Suffice to say that it was a perfect evening with the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves!!

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