Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Could this be it???

Having had a failed marriage has made me very cautious as to the male company I choose to have. My fear has always been that I end up with the same kind of person as my ex-husband. But recently I've opened up to so many different experiences with regards to men in general.

There is one person however who stands out from the rest. Could he be the ONE?? One is never sure with regards to matters of the heart. So I delve into my instinct, a woman's instinct is never wrong. If you know yourself well enough then you would know when something or someone is good for you. Suffice to say that I have never been able to communicate with a male on such a level that I do with him. And from past experience I can assure you that it is of utmost importance that I am able to do so.

So I ask myself, is this it?? Is this what I've been looking for?? I suppose only time can tell, but I do know that my time is here and as long as my intention is there and it is good, then everything else will fall into place!! Wish me luck, I feel an excitement in the air and it's tangible!!

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Smooches said...

Wow Twin Dimples! Your post is quite inspiring. You make one to fall in love all over again. I can certainly feel love is in the air. You are wise to take your time... and when the time is right, you'll know. :) I always wondered about that... how one would just know. I'm sure you've experienced that before when asking a married couple how you know the person was right for you... and they respond, you just know. Well, yes, they right. You just do know. But, you know because you make a conscious decision to know, to feel it, to believe it and to accept it. So, little advice, if any... take your time, enjoy every moment and remember: the best things happen when you least expect it! And, believe me: You'll just know!