Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working myself into a frenzy!!

I'm sure every woman would be able to relate to me when I say we go into a cleaning frenzy when provoked!!

Well that's precisely what had happened to me 2 days ago. Being the person I am I tend to walk away so as to prevent a confrontation. Better so than to have me telling you precisely where to get off and being a Scorpio that could be quite painful!! LOL!! I'm a firm believer that you should never try to speak your mind when you're angry, you can never take back what you say. Yes, we can seek forgiveness but the person will never forget what was said. In earlier years I wouldn't hesitate for one second to just say what was on my mind. But I've grown wiser with regards to that, and growth sure is an important thing.

So, off I went, to take out my frustration on inanimate objects that could not speak back and had no feelings to be hurt!! My home is relatively clean but I cleaned it from top to bottom anyway. Doing laundry, floors and the bathroom. Anger is energy right?? So why not use it in a constructive manner too!!

When I had worked through all the anger I was feeling, I could then approach the person and then have a proper conversation. My anger wouldn't be the fuel for my actions or my words. Ultimately I would be able to sleep better at night!! YEAH!!

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