Monday, June 23, 2008

What A Weekend!!

Shoo!! My weekend has sure been hectic!! I haven't had one as hectic in ages!!

On Friday evening upon arriving home after work, I immediately started with the order of 10 chocolate mousse cakes. My customers would fetch them Saturday afternoon. During the time I was busy my friend Cindy arrived to drop off the cake tins that she had. We stood in the kitchen for a whole hour just chatting away and me really getting nowhere with regards to starting my orders!! LOL!!

That's how it goes when we haven't seen each other for a while!! We spoke about anything and everything!! Cindy is a single mom, like me, and she sure is making good progress so far. We always seem to be sharing ideas and ways in which to make our lives easier. Still no getting to the making of those cakes!!

After Cindy left another friend popped around!! Don't know when I was going to get around to starting with those cakes. Gadija however wanted cake as well, which she would fetch on Sunday morning!! Oh my, don't know how I was going to manage to finish the orders that I had and Gadija's too. Anyhow we stood chatting for a while too and she helped with clearing the dishes and so forth. I finally began with mixing the cakes and finished the ganache as well as the chocolate mousse filling.

Gadija and I were so busy chatting away, we had completely lost track of time!! It was almost 12 midnight!! Oh, dear oh dear, I still had a long way to go!! Gadija left me to my baking and went home. I continued until about 3am and caught a cat nap on the couch until 7am. Jumped up had a shower and was off to the shops by 8am. Bought fresh roses for the cakes and some more eggs and cream, as well as some organza ribbon for trimming.

I arrived home at about 10am and had some breakfast before I continued with the baking. Just bought myself a yummy fresh cream and strawberry jam scone at the supermarket and gulped it down with some coffee. I had decided to try and make my own handmade truffles to decorate the cakes with, and if I may say so myself, it came out lovely!! I rolled them in crushed macadamia nuts. Yummy!!

My sister called me at about 2:30pm to find out how far I was with the cakes. She had made a booking at the skin clinic for a Swedish massage!! Just what the doctor ordered!! We had been privileged enough to receive vouchers from a cousin who had visited in January. The vouchers were a gift from her to all the girl cousins!! Which reminds me that I need to send her an email to thank her. Well my sis arrived just after 3pm, during that time I had already put the cakes together and decorated them. We had to drop 3 cakes on our way, so I hurried to change and off we went!! After delivery of the cakes we made our way to the Waterfront and rode around looking for parking because the Jeep she was driving was higher than the height restriction on the undercover parking lots!! Suffice to say that the massage was awesome, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! LOL!! By the time my sis and I left the clinic we were doing everything in slow motion!!

We stopped to get some McDonald's for supper and she dropped me at home. I waited for Shaheema to fetch the other cakes but soon got tired of waiting and went to bed. Was just busy dosing off when she phoned and said that she was standing outside my door!! LOL!! Up I jumped and went to open up for her. I stood outside chatting to her as well, just about the preparations for the engagement that was to take place a few hours later. I finally got to bed about 12am!! Lack of sleep was not a good thing to suffer from!!

Sunday morning I rose early once again and helped the children choose something to wear, as well as dry the girls hair and mine! I was so excited because I wanted to see what outfit Shaheema had made to wear for the function. My sis fetched us just after 1pm and we made our way to Shaheema's home. The whole setup was absolutely stunning!! They had transformed the entertainment area into shades of yellow sunflowers and daisies as well as lime green organza that was draped on the windows. The organza was also used for the overlays on the tables.

Shaheema had made a beautiful Smooches dress in a lime green shade!! And she looked absolutely regal!! Nadia helped with her head piece and when she finally walked in to greet everyone she was shaking like a leaf!! The whole ceremony was quite emotionally charged and we certainly missed my Granny's presence!! After the gifts were exchanged everybody indulged in the desserts, cakes and savouries that had been made!! There was so much I didn't know where to start. To be quite honest, just looking at the all the eatables made me full!!

By the time I arrived home I was exhausted! I actually wanted to call my friend but they're 6 hours ahead and he would be sleeping. I hadn't chatted to him the whole weekend, was a bit worried about him because he was very quiet. I had tried to call on Saturday but the phone was just ringing. Suffice to say that I missed him terribly!!

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