Monday, August 11, 2008

Women's day function

Every year, the madrassa that my children attend hosts a function for the ladies, commemorating Women's Day. This year was no exception. The theme this year was the importance of the Holy Quraan in our daily lives. An old topic but certainly not an exhausted one, as we need to be reminded of this constantly!!

The program started with a 11 year old boy who has learned 13 chapters of the Quraan by heart already. His recitation was so powerful and melodious, it brought me to tears!! Then we were introduced to a 78 year old woman who had just completed reading a Surah and had progressed to the Quraan, Masha-Allah. Bringing home the adage that one was never too old to learn or to seek knowledge!! She went into a rendition of how she made her intention of learning to read the Quraan and how she followed through with it.

Then the different grades made an appearance on stage giving us insights on A-Hadeeth, Nazms and beautiful recitals of different Surahs in the Holy Quraan. Aqeedah's grade recited Surah Feel and sang the song 'I think my mummy is amazing', a beautiful song depicting the day dreams of an orphan girl!!

My friends Gadijah and Ruwaydah had a good time too. It was exactly what they needed to inspire them and keep them heading on the right track. Lunch was served, consisting of lovely mutton akhni, as well as pies, samoosas and cocktail pizzas!! I had made yummy cupcakes as well.

Ruwaydah posing for the camera!!

Gadijah giving a big smile for the camera!!

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