Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An evening with the ladies

Cindy and Debbie being as foolish as ever!!
I have been rather late with this post reasons being, I wanted to add pictures to it. I didn't have my camera with me at the time and was waiting for one of the ladies to email the pics they took. Nonetheless, I have finally received some of the pics, Shukran Shaheema and thank you Debbie!!

Shiehaam, Debbie, Cindy, myself, Aneesa, Shaheema and Tamryn

This time around our meeting took place at a local coffee shop. And boy, oh boy, did the ladies get to network!! The group has now grown to approximately 8 ladies, instead of the initial 4. Leona could unfortunately not be there but she was sorely missed!! After all the introductions were made we ordered our food. Then the fun began!! We spoke about anything and everything!! I think the manager of the coffee shop thought that we were from another planet, LOL!! We took over completely and you'd swear we were the only patrons!! We asked one of the waitresses to take the pic of the group.

Moi, Aneesa, Shaheema and Tamryn

It feels real good when you are able to connect with ladies on such a level of understanding, it's rare in this day and age!! Well, we're planning to go away for weekend after the Ramadaan Insha-Allah!! Oooohhhh weeeeee, I can't wait, it's something I'm really looking forward to and it's going to be the perfect opportunity to just do girly stuff!!

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Smooches said...

Certainly was a lovely occasion and great opportunity to meet some new ladies... each with their own story to tell. Fantastic! Can't wait for the next hook-up!