Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those winter love handles doth protest too much!!

Yes, yes I know, it was bound to happen sooner than later!! Well, now that it has, am I going to do anything about it?? I don't think so, well not yet anyway!! LOL!!

My winter binging has now reached epidemic proportions!! Suffice to say, that I have now developed what I would call a spare tyre around the waist!! Nadia was commenting on the same the other day and so did Smooches!! I don't feel so bad any longer, I suppose we all tend to overdo it some time or the other!! One good thing about my weight gain though, is that I've been able to camouflage it very well. So if I should mention it in company, I'd get looks of disbelief and comments on where I was hiding the said weight!! My mirror tells no lies!!

My weekend was spent baking once again. There's certainly no getting away from that!! Not when you have your customers threatening to break down your door if you take too long to answer!! I had snowballs and cupcakes coming out of my ears once again. I also need to start on the orders for pies and quiche for Ramadaan. There's no rest for the wicked, as they say.

Snowballs, dipped in heated jam and rolled in coconut.

Cupcakes piped with chocolate frosting

See what I mean?? How am I supposed to stay away from this?? LOL!!


Smooches said...

oooh yummy couz! you making me hungry now! this is just pure torture putting on beautiful delicacies like this. think i should satisfy my senses and make some more malva pudding! hehe Delish!

Nazrah Leopolis said...

wow! i have never tasted snowballs before. would you kindly share the recipe? with step by step pics please?

Shahieda said...

Nazrah: Snowballs are very well known in Cape Town and if you're a lover of coconut like I am, then you'll love it!! Sure, I would gladly share the recipe with you, I'll do a post next week Insha-Allah!!

You're up very early, couldn't get any sleep??