Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fairy Wonderland party!!

Most of my weekend was spent baking for 2 kiddies parties. That is beside the cake that I made for the women's day function. Now, like Nazrah, I'm feeling the strain in my back!!

Both parties were for one year old children, one boy and one girl. The boy's mom wanted a cake in the shape of a car as well as a chocolate mousse cake for the adults. And the girl's mom wanted fairy cupcakes as well as fairy wands. The cupcakes were very pretty with sugared butterflies and edible glitter sprinkled onto the icing. The fairy wands were made with biscuits in the shape of stars stuck to a bamboo skewer.

Fadia, the little girl's mom, had received quotes from various venues for a party. The prices ranged from crazy to absolute insanity!! LOL!! Hence she decided on doing everything at home with the same theme at a fraction of the cost. She purchased little fairy figurines to hang from the ceiling, stuck butterflies to the walls and hung fairy lights too!!

Fadia's sister made the birthday cake. A beautiful fairy castle!!

The tables were adorned with pink place settings for each little girl as well as marshmallow sticks, chips, sweets and other yummy goodies!!

And the birthday girl was dressed to suit the theme too!! Little Zahrah, as pretty as a fairy princess!! I wish I was a little girl again!! LOL!!

With a little improvisation and a lot of planning all moms can certainly pull off a party most children can only dream of!! Happy planning!!


Nazrah Leopolis said...

wahhh so whimsical! aishah's bday is in january, and i am already collecting bric n brac for it. she wants a fancy dress party! arghhh...now what kinda cake would be nice for that theme.

Shahieda said...

It certainly is exciting to be planning the little ones birthdays but then again all the running around getting everything done can be quite tedious!!

Why not try a Princess doll cake?? Or the fairy castle shown in this post?