Tuesday, August 5, 2008

There's clarity in sight

Today is a new day filled with endless possibilities and abundant blessings!! Allahu-Akbar, Allah sure is Great!!

I normally tell this to everyone who feels down in the dumps, like I did yesterday, it's time for me take my own advise. So today I'll blog about something more positive, like the day we travelled to Montagu Springs for the afternoon. What an amazing place it is to relax and just chill.

My cousin Shaheema and her family had booked a cabin to celebrate her mom's 50th birthday. We were invited to join them on the 27 July 2008, which suited us perfectly because it was a Sunday. My kids and I slept over at Nadia's place seeing that we were going to leave early the morning. Montagu is about a 2 hour drive out of Cape Town, a most scenic one too!! Well, we didn't get to leave early as planned because we stayed up too late the Saturday evening!! So by the time we were out on the road it was already 10am, meaning we would only arrive at about 12pm, just in time for lunch!! Soos regte slamse nuh!! LOL!!

The new cabins that have been erected at Montagu recently are absolutely luxurious!! The decor is out of this world and the atmosphere of being high up on mountainous terrain just adds to the feel of being secluded. There's underfloor heating in all the cabins as well as being fitted out with everything you could think of. The only things you needed to bring along was your clothes and food.

Aunty Faeza had sugared some koeksisters on our arrival, so yummy!! Mika-eel and Uncle Issie made a fire and started braaing the meat while the ladies chatted away in the stunning kitchen. The kids had made their way to the hot springs on our arrival already!! We wouldn't see them till they were hungry!!

The ladies then decided to try out the sound system that was available. Did we have fun!! Nadia and I ended up dancing to Mika-eel's surprise!! LOL! He certainly doesn't see that happening everyday. Then it was Shaheema's turn, by the time I was done, I was completely out of breath!!

I'm convinced Aunty Faeza decided to play 'peekaboo, I see you', with this photo!! You can imagine my reaction when I viewed it!! Side-splitting stuff!! LOL!! The adults ended up playing 30 seconds, a game sure to bring out the best in people!! Depending on the explanations given though!! LOL!! Suffice to say the ladies ended up winning, sorry guys!! We just can't help it if we respond well to pressure!!

By the time it was time for us to leave, I was so stuffed, I could hardly move!! I certainly tend to overdo it when the family gets together!! Nadia and I decided that we definitely returning to Montagu for a weekend!! It's an awesome place to get away!! And after my experience yesterday, I certainly think I deserve it!!

Here's to making new memories filled with laughter and loved ones!! Just in case you're wondering where the pics of the guys are, they were too busy getting their hands dirty. And we were having too much fun to notice, but Shhhhhhh, don't tell them I said so!!

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Smooches said...

Well, well! Wasn't it just a fab time hey couz! Thoroughly enjoyed that 30 Seconds game and we should definitely make a weekend of it some time! If its anything like the last, we sure to have a blast! :)