Friday, August 29, 2008

Supper with the family

I haven't had my parents over at my home in a while, so last night they came over for supper. My mom was making her rounds before Ramadaan starts, she visited Nadia on Tuesday evening as well.

I had decided to make a seafood dish, as my mom is crazy about it!! I'm still waiting on a certain somebody to provide me with the recipe for Prawn Fried Rice (read: Plawn Flied Lice, LOL!!) And Aqeedah made macaroni and cheese for the children. Dessert was hot chocolate pudding served with warm custard and fresh cream.

The evening was spent playing with Amjad because Aqeedah insisted that Ma bring him along. He has grown so much Masha-Allah. And he's quite the drama queen when he throws his tantrums!!

I didn't have much time to catch up with Raihaana while preparing the food but we had a great time anyway. I relish in spending time with all of them, it makes life so much more vibrant.

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