Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eisteddfod, Mitchells Plain style!!

Last night I attended Mitchells Plain Primary Schools Eisteddfod. What a colorful performance by all the learners who participated!!

There were about 4 schools taking part and Meadowridge Primary, the school my kids attend, were one of them. It's Aqeedah's last year on primary school and she practiced very hard for her performance.

The show started at 19:00 with the grade R learners doing their routine first. I must say that Eastville Primary's learners looked too cute with their beautiful costumes. Their routines were well organized and well executed. Some of the other schools routines were unorganized and one could see that they hadn't practiced much. Their costumes weren't very eye catching too.

There were a few comical moments as well, one girl's shoe came off during her performance, but she remained straight faced and continued as if nothing was wrong!! LOL!! Good for her!! One of the older boys wore a pair of shoes that were way too big for him. What made it even worse was that he was standing in the front row!! While he was busy doing his routine I found it difficult to stifle my giggles!! He looked like Charlie Chaplin only the hat was missing!! LMAO!! Uthmaan just eyed me with a look that said, 'Don't embarass me mom!!'

Aqeedah's class performance was last on the list, I had no idea what their routine was going to be like but I hoped it was going to be different. Each grade had performed the same songs and routines allocated to each. As Aqeedah's group took to the stage everyone went quiet!! They wore black leotards and black three quarter skirts with bright ribbon stitched to the bottom. The dance they were about to perform was a cross between Italian and Austrian. Every second girl had a white handkerchief in her hand.

The music started and they executed their routine. My eyes were on my little girl the whole time!! The way she held her head high, the precise way she went about doing her steps and the enjoyment she experienced just being on stage. I realised right there, that she wasn't a little girl any longer!! She had grown into a beautiful young lady and I was so proud of her. She reminded me so much of myself at that age, only she was more confident!! I sat mesmerised and was ecstatic when the dance ended, clapping hard and shouting her name!! Once again,Uthmaan eyed me, but this time he covered his ears too!! LOL!! I can't help it if I get so excited, after all it's not everyday that you get to see your daughter on stage!!

Nonetheless, the event came to an end and we patiently waited for the conveners to announce the winners in the different categories. Meadowridge had won a total of 7 silver diplomas and 1 gold!! Eastville scooped up all the gold diplomas, their routines were spectacular!! Aqeedah's group had received a silver diploma for their routine!! YAY!!


Smooches said...

LOL! You had me in stitches there couz! I can just picture Uthmaan's look on his face... hehe :) Glad you had fun sweets!


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