Friday, August 8, 2008

History lesson

Last night while preparing supper I received a history lesson from Ghaalietha, my youngest daughter. I was totally impressed!! The following conversation ensued between the two of us.

Ghaalietha: Mummy, how do you spell Ansaar's name??

Mum: A, N, S, A, A, R. Why do you ask?? (Ansaar is my younger brother)

Ghaalietha: Oh, that is the same way you spell Ansaar, the people of Medina.

Mum (raising my eyebrows): That is correct. They were the people who helped the Nabi (pbuh) and the first muslims when they fled Mecca.

Ghaalietha: Yes mummy. Did you also know that the Nabi (pbuh) went to Ta'if to tell the people not to worship idols?? But they didn't want to listen to him and threw him with stones.

Mum (very impressed now): Uh huh, their actions made the Nabi (pbuh) very sad.

Ghaalietha: When he was leaving Ta'if he prayed to Allah to forgive them because they were ignorant.

Mum: That's right sweets. What else do you know??

Ghaalietha (quite boastful now, LOL!!): The Nabi's wife's name was Khadija, she was a business woman who owned four companies. She only trusted him to run her businesses for her.

Mum: Do you know what the people of Mecca called the Nabi (pbuh)??

Ghaalietha: Ummmmm, I can't remember.

Mum: He was called Al-Amien, the most trustworthy.

Ghaalietha: The Nabi married Khadija when he was 25 years old and she was 50 years old. She was older than the Nabi (pbuh) mummy!!

Mum (laughing): Yes she was but they were married for a long time and she fully supported the Nabi when he received his Nabuwat.

Ghaalietha: What's that??

Mum: When Jibreel (a.s) appeared before the Nabi (pbuh) and asked him to read, in the cave of Hira. These were the first verses of the Quraan to be given to him.

Ghaalietha: Oh yes, but he answered that he could not read.

Mum: That's quite correct.

Ghaalietha (quite exasperated now!!): Is there anything you don't know mummy??

Mum (laughing): Of course there's things I have no knowledge of, I certainly don't know everything!! Speak to mummy in a few years time and you won't be saying the same thing!!

After she had gone off to bed, I sat and reflected about her growing up. From baby to age 8, she has really grown in leaps and bounds!! Too fast for my liking, if I had my way I'd probably want her to stay this age!!

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