Thursday, October 2, 2008

Labarang, Cape Malay style!!

My first memories of Labarang as a child, was the smell of freshly baked bread, corned meat being cooked and steak and kidney pie baking in the oven!! That is still how my Eid morning starts but with a little more drama!!

I had started baking my orders from Monday already and only managed to finish everything by Wednesday, Eid morning. Every year it's the same thing, I try my darnedest to finish everything the evening before Eid and have everyone collect their orders as well, but I fail to do so!! Nevertheless, there's always next time to try, yes??

I've always wondered why I work myself to a standstill on Eid with orders and I've come to one conclusion. It's a very emotional day for me, somehow working myself into a frenzy numbs the feelings this day evokes. I know that there isn't a husband returning from the Eid Salaah, clean shaven and smelling of musk to pass on the message the Imam had given to the congregation. That realisation hits home every single year!! I think it's time to change the situation, don't you think?? Insha-Allah, Allah knows best!!

Aqeedah was certainly a great help this year, I couldn't have done it with her!! Thank you my sweets!!

Lunch is served at my mom's home, my mom makes the food, Nadia makes the dessert and I have to see to all the cakes!! I certainly could not eat much as my system is still accustomed to the fasting. And who can eat cake after having to bake all of it anyway!! So, I just nibbled here and there like a little mouse, heheheh!!

The children looked stunning in their Eid outfits but I couldn't get them to pose a bit for the camera because they were too busy counting the money they had received from family members and neighbours for Eid. *rolls eyes*

It's the first Ediul Adha without Ma, and she was sorely missed as the family did their rounds to each others homes!! We would all normally gather at Ma's place during the late afternoon, knowing we would get to wish all the aunties there instead. There were many tears shed but everyone knows that Ma is now in a much better place Alghumdulillah. May Allah have mercy on her soul and grant her Jannatul Firdous Insha-Allah Ameen!! So, the next place to gather would be my mom's eldest sister's place. There, most of the cousins gathered, caught up with each other and just basically had lots of fun and took lots of pics!!

Now, there's only one thing I dread about family gatherings. That would be, when one member of the family would suddenly focus there attention on me and ask a very innocent question. And once the question is asked everybody else would be joining the conversation too!! LOL!! So this time it was Aunty Fazlin who asked me if there were any new developments in my life (read: have you found a man yet!!!) I just smiled and was about to say something when Nadia answered for me. For the next 15 minutes or so every time someone would pose a question to me Nadia would politely answer before I could say anything!! LOL!! All I could was watch amusingly while everybody else discussed my future for me!! Family, you got to love them don't you!! *rolls eyes*

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