Monday, October 27, 2008

An Idyllic weekend

To say that my weekend away was great, is a gross understatement!! It was definitely what the doctor ordered and what I needed to get myself centered once again.

One needs to get away from the hustle & bustle of city life every now & again. What better place to do so than Club Mykonos on the West Coast. It was my first time there & I'm definitely visiting Mykonos again in the near future, Insha-Allah.

On arriving there, the first thing I noticed was that the whole setup looked exactly like Mykonos in Greece!! If you've seen the movie Mama Mia, you'll know what I'm talking about. Quaint little chalets painted in primary colors, cobbled paths as well as windmills!! Even the details on the harbor are similar.

By the time we had checked in I was ravenous!! We had decided on something quick for supper, which was borewors rolls with accompanying sauces.

We hardly had any sleep Friday evening, mind you!! All the ladies were far too busy talking about everything under the sun. I managed to get some shut eye around 5am Saturday morning, hehehehe. I probably had about 3 hours sleep,when I woke up to the smell of breakfast being made downstairs!! Yummy!! Debbie had jumped the gun & was busy making omelettes with viennas & cheese.

* I know you're reading this Sedick, so I purposefully put in pics of the food!! Hungry?? hehehe*

After the delish breafkfast we decided to explore a bit. Shiehaam & Debbie had been to Mykonos before so they were the guides, showing us the sights & sounds. There was a tiny fleamarket which we spotted & upon browsing around I discovered a beautiful wrought iron stand with glass bowl. The bowl had holes around the circumference, allowing for serviettes to be pushed through.

We then made our way to the harbour and then the beach. I'd been waiting for such a long time to take a stroll on the beach. Normally when I'm stressed I would either bake up a storm in the kitchen, dance till I was completely out of breath, clean my home from top to bottom or do some embroidery. When all else fails, I'd hit the beach and take in the rythmic sound of the waves. I haven't done it in a looooooonnnggg time.

I certainly walked away feeling rejuvenated & I felt like the cowebs in my mind had been cleared. By the time we returned to the chalet we were famished once again. For lunch we just finished what was left of breakfast & snacked on some chips, crackers with gourmet cheese & so forth. After lunch it was time for dancing!! YAY!! Shiehaam had brought along a cd with some of Mama Mia's sound track songs, so Cindy & I just let loose!! The two of us danced till we were completely out of breath!! Then it was Aneesa's turn to get her groove on. And did she dance Sedick, I know I'm rubbing it in!!

Out of breath & a couple of kilos lighter, preparation was made for supper *we really ate too much.* Braaied chicken, sausage & chops were the order of the day, as well as noodle salad, potato salad & a tossed salad. And no Sedick, we did not burn the meat AND we did not require any help from the neighbours (read: a man) to get the fire going!! Hehehehe!!

After stuffing our faces we relaxed a bit & then I went upstairs to take in the beautiful sunset.

Then it was time for our session in the pools & the sauna. I'm not one to swim when there are alot of people around. So I was quite chuffed when we arrived there & the pools weren't too full. The warm water was quite soothing!!

Thereafter we ended up in the sauna for about half an hour. When all the ladies had finished showered, we went back to the chalet where a huge pampering session ensued!! Debbie gave each lady a massage, making my toes curl!! Thank you Debs, it was much appreciated!! We ended up getting to bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning!!

It was my turn to make breakfast & yes, I did say I wasn't going to do any cooking for the weekend. But had I not made my choc-chip pancakes or chocolate mousse for dessert, I would have had to walk home!! LOL!!

After breafast it was time for some serious shopping!! The children wouldn't be very impressed with mum if she returned home without bearing any gifts,*wink, wink*

We returned to the Lagoon Mall to scout for gifts. Shiehaam & I went into a curio shop we spotted Friday evening already. They were selling the most beautiful trinkets. What was very surprising to me was that they were stockists of Carrol Boyes products. According to Theo, an email buddy, these products were only found at exclusive shops but then again Langebaan is a tourist attraction.

We all managed to find gifts for the little ones eagerly waiting for mum to come home. After having our lunch & dessert (bugger, I had forgotten to take pics of Sunday lunch, those pics would have been too much for you to handle Sedick!! hehehe) we reflected amongst ourselves about the past 2 days spent together. Saying our thanks to each other & expressing gratitude for the spritual growth that we afforded one another too!!

*And a unanimous decision was made to return to Mykonos but with the families as well*


Anonymous said...

yoh..ek het soema ge-weet julle gaan n fabulous outing het..nice article ..en is nie wonder my vrou se maag het soe opgestaan nie..nou kan ek sien hoekom..nou water my mond..daai pancakes sal mos nou reg wees vir breakfast van oggend..een ding julle kan nogal multi task ho..en julle lyk soe sexy op die pics..hoo..just n pity n man kan nie die sauna pics ge-sien het nie..hahahaha...on a serious note..die get togethers are a good thing for a persons life span..soe julle moet dit wee doen Insha-ALLAH...

Shahieda said...

Dit was sekerlik n' stunning weekend!! Ja, ons moet almal seriously ge-diet het agter al die kos wat ons geeet het!!

Multitasking is my second name!! Hehehe!! En ons gaan defnitief dit weer doen Insha-Allah!!

Anonymous said...

Insha-Allah Ameen..vir wie wil shiehaam dan gebel het op die antic phone...maybe the weigh less people..hehehe