Friday, October 10, 2008

Aqeedah cooks her first full meal!!

On arriving home from work last night, Aqeedah decided that she was going to make supper for the family. She wanted to make her favorite dish, which is frikkadel with mashed potatoes and savoury rice.

I was promptly told not to do anything but to just supervise her in the kitchen. Aqeedah went about gathering all the ingredients for her dish. Then she cut up all the ingredients for the frikkadel, placed them in a bowl and proceeded to squish them until it was all mixed through (personally, I think she just likes the squishing part the most, hehehe.)

She then cleaned potatoes and placed them in a pot to boil until soft. Nobody was allowed to touch the potatoes when they were done because she wanted to mash them (see what I mean, she enjoys the squishing bit!!) Ghaalietha then helped her take pieces of the frikkadel mixture, rolled them into little balls and passed them onto Aqeedah to place in the hot pan. Mum watched them closely at the stove.

Aqeedah then proceeded to boil some rice with mix vegetables. When the rice was done cooking, she strained it and washed the rice with cold water. She then placed the rice back on the stove to steam until done. During this time Uthmaan had set the table and everybody sat down to eat. Ghaalietha ate the most frikkadel!! She doesn't eat so many when mum makes them!! But the food was delish and it just made me realise once again that my little girl is growing up too fast!!

*Well done sweets!!*

I have also been trying to teach Aqeedah to do some hand embroidery. Even using the hoop hasn't made things easier for her. Suffice to say that she doesn't have the patience to sit still for such long periods of time!! LOL!! What she & Ghaalietha enjoy doing is glass painting, maybe I should try the embroidery again when she's a bit older. Mum enjoys the embroidery as it's a way of relaxing & de-stressing!!


Shaheema said...

Wow! That meal looks delish! Impressive! And, you always were the perfect embroider! I lover your work! Mwah!

Shahieda said...

Shukran babes!! I don't know if the embroidery bit is going to rub off on Aqeedah though!!

But from the looks of it, the cooking surely will!! Mwah!!