Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boeka with Iman & family

During the Ramadaan, I had the privilege of meeting up with Iman Rahima & family. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend who had emailed me her story.

Sheyaam & Iman

Iman and her family are originally from Kwazulu Natal but moved to Cape Town. The whole family reverted to Islam within a short period of time. Rarely will you find a whole family reverting, and if it's just one or two members of the family doing so, you would find that it would cause a rift between the parties.

Dylan, Iman, Sheyaam & Moi!!
Nonetheless, we were scheduled to meet at Shanaaz's home in Chappini street in Bo-Kaap. Now, the beautiful part of this Boeka was that not even Shanaaz had met Iman yet!! She had opened up her home to total strangers!! This was the beauty of the month of Ramadaan in it's full splendour. On arriving at Shanaaz's home, Sheyaam, Darwees, Abduraghmaan & I were greeted with such warmth that could only be ascribed to the Cape Malays of Bo-Kaap.

We were introduced to Iman's mom, her dad, her brother as well as her beautiful son, Dylan. He will be reverting to Islam once he has reached the age of puberty Insha-Allah. While everyone was becoming acquainted with one another, I took the opportunity of taking some pics!! Iman politely told everyone present that I was taking pics for my blog. Which reminds me that I am now referred to as 'the blog lady' by Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien. hehehe!!!

I have always maintained that there is always a reason why a specific person crosses your path. It doesn't matter who it is, what their background is or the period of time they're there. They have a lesson to teach, so if you're always aware of your surroundings and you're vigilant as to the people who pass through your life then you will be able to enrich yourself in so many ways!! In Iman's case, she has reminded me of how beautiful it is to be a Muslim. She has united many people with her story and she has also reminded me that Allah is the best of Planners!!

The whole family on Eid day!!

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Shaheema said...

Masha-Allah... may Allah continue to empower and protect Iman and her family. Ameen!