Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She's been keeping me on my toes!!

Uthmaan & Aqeedah have been away on tour for the past week and Madam Ghaalietha has literally been driving me up the pole to say the least!! hehehe.....

I've actually realised that between the three of them, I've neglected her a bit. *hangs head in shame* And she has made no qualms about letting mum know this!!

So, for the past few days she's managed to wrap me around her little finger. Last night while preparing supper, she politely told me that she was going to help me make food. It doesn't matter how many times I tried telling her that the onions were going to make her eyes burn, she insisted on cutting them!! After cutting half the onion, she looked at me solemnly and told me to cut the rest of the onion because her eyes were tearing!! As stubborn as a mule, I tell you!! Just like mum, hehehehe.

While playing with her, she politely told me that she didn't really like girls toys because they weren't as fun as boys toys. She preferred playing marbles, spinning tops, riding bike, climbing trees and playing 'cops & robbers!!' Oi, Oi, do we have a tomboy in the making?? God help me!!

One 'girly' thing she does enjoy is having her hair done and playing dress up. There might just be light at the end of the tunnel, no???


Shaheema said...

hehe :) Don't worry love. She'll grow out of it. Apparently... according to my dad... i was quite the tomboy myself in my younger days and look wot a girly-girl i turned out to be! :)

Shahieda said...

Hehehe!! I know sweets, and so was I, so I don't really know what I'm up in arms about!!

Like mother, like daughter!!