Monday, October 13, 2008

Chick Flick Weekend

Uthmaan had been invited by a cousin to sleep over, leaving us girls to our own devices!! Since we don't' do junk food much I decided to order pizza and a sub for supper, chicken tikka pizza to be precise!! Yummy!! And what better way to spend Friday evening than with Bollywood movies!!

My schedule has been so hectic lately I can't remember when last I sat down to watch a dvd let alone a program on television!! Aqeedah, Ghaalietha and I thoroughly enjoyed 'Salaam Namaste', starring Preity Zintar & Saif Ali Khan. Although I was quite perturbed as to two 'scenes' in the movie!! Ooppppsss!! I had forgotten that the Bollywood movies of late are not the same I was used to!!

Nonetheless, the catchy tunes, love ballads and the tears (what's a good Bollywood movie without the tissue box!!) were exactly what I needed!!

Saturday I attended the lecture at Masjidul Quds, with Shaheema joining the class too!! Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien was at his best as usual and I walked away feeling spiritually uplifted. Thereafter the two of us joined the Islamic library, Shaheema taking the book, 'Not without my daughter' and I taking 'The International Jew.' So far the book has me riveted!!

Then it was fabric shopping for us. My birthday's coming up soon & I've been wanting to have a dress made for ages but just not getting there. So, what better time than for my birthday!! The fabric Shaheema & I chose is absolutely gorgeous!! And the style of dress I chose even more gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

*Watch this space for updates on 'the making of the dress'*


Shaheema said...

ooh... i'm excited for updates on making the dress! LOL! :)Mwah!!

Shahieda said...

LOL!! You should be sweets, you're making it!! Mwwaaahhh!!