Monday, October 5, 2009


Sharfa is a very good friend of my sister's. Having met her a few years ago, I was always struck by her beautiful smile. But there was a sadness in her eyes which was unexplained until I came to know of her life experience.

At the age of about 12 years she lost her mother to cancer. This incident was to change her life completely. Being at such a young age one can just imagine what she was going through!

Sharfa is now 24 years old but the effects of having lost her mother at such a young age lingers. There are times, in conversations, she trances and one wonders what she's thinking. At first I thought it weird but I've come to see that, that it is just how she handles her situation. I was curious as to how she managed through her life, as I have been blessed to have my mother through all the stages of my life so far. When conversations were steered in that direction, there were many tears shed and my admiration and love for her just grew even more.

I admire her strength and perseverance tremendously, for she had excelled at school and when she started working she took on the responsibility of looking after her younger brother. Running her home, working and studying through UNISA to obtain her Chartered accounting degree hasn't phased this lass one bit!! For reasons not explained, her father has assumed a low profile in his children's lives. A sad but true occurrence in today's day and age.

When she celebrated her 21st birthday a few years ago, a few of her friends, including myself & Raihaana, decided to throw her a birthday bash. Everyone knew she wouldn't make a fuss, so they took the onus on themselves to organize something for her. Sharfa was taken out for the day and the friends were given a key to her home so that everything could be set up. You can just imagine the look of surprise on her face when she came home to all of us waiting for her!! She never suspected a thing!! She enjoyed herself thoroughly, especially the chocolate mousse birthday cake I had made.

I attended her wedding yesterday and what a radiant bride she made!! As she walked into the hall, Raihaana and I looked at each other, we both wanted to cry. The beautiful girl with the sad eyes was finally having a happy ending! * sniff, sniff *

She has married into a beautiful family who have vowed to love and care for her as their own. This was evident by the beautiful reception presented to the guests and the warm welcome offered by her parents-in-law. They are truly blessed!!

My wish for her with the beginning of a new phase in her life: May Allah continue to smile on you and your husband, Ashiq. May your married days be filled with only happiness and joy, for you so rightly deserve this and more. May you be blessed with beautiful children who will carry on the legacy of your strength and perseverance throughout, Insha-Allah Ameen!!

My gift to the bridal couple

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