Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Month Work Review

For the past 2 weeks my nerves have been completely shot. The reason for this upheaval in my mood was my 3 month work review that needed to take place. Man, oh man!!

To some, this may be an occurrence that takes place often. With me on the other hand, it would be my first experience. I kid you not!! So, after receiving a questionnaire that needed to be filled in before the actual review took place, I set about trying my best to fill it in. To tell you the truth, I actually lost sleep thinking over my answers.

You see, to me the questionnaire felt more like the Spanish Inquisition, personified!! But that was all because of the state of mind I was in, hehehehe. The exercise proved quite a learning curve for me and it highlighted where I'm headed for the next year at least Insha-Allah. I could get used to this, but in small doses ok??!

The actual review took place this morning, via conference call. The MD had recently relocated to Belgium so I was quite elated to find out that he would be sitting in (albeit virtually) on the whole process. Suffice to say, that everything went way better than I expected, Alghumdulillah!! Must be the blessings of this holy month that we're in, Allah is truly most Gracious, most Merciful!!

I am now a fully fledged, permanent part of the Tractor Group / Second Harvest team!! Here's to many a fulfilling hours of work done. YAY!!


Kak Teh said...

Alhamdulillah and congratulations! So, it wasnt that bad at all, eh? It is also the blessings of this Holy month. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Shahieda,

Slamat, may Allah guide you on this new journey and may you be prosperous and successfull,Insha-Allah.

You make me proud.


Shahieda said...

Alghumdulillah, thank you Kak Teh!! I was stressing unnecessarily, hehehe.

Wasalaams Dad,

Ameen, Ameen, Ya Rabbal Alameen!! Your words really mean the world to me :)