Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The latest addition to the family

On the 13th November 2009, I received an sms from my mum. It read, "Faghriyya rushed to hospital this morning!!"

Everyone was taken by surprise because the little one was only due by the end of November, 27th November to be exact. Faghriyya's little bundle of joy couldn't wait that long, hehehe. And mother was receiving an early birthday present as she celebrated her birthday on the 14th, a day after the little one's arrival.

Just two weeks before his arrival, Faghriyya and I were saying how funny it would be if baby was born before the 21st November. This would make him a Scorpio and that would mean that mum, dad and baby were Scorpios, eek!

Imagine that??!! Three Scorpios under one roof!

The parents had not chosen a name for him yet, as they were too elated that the pregnancy had gone so well. Faghriyya had growths on her ovaries previously and was struggling to conceive. One of her ovaries were eventually removed. The news of her conception was therefore greeted with much elation, Alghumdulillah!!

The name giving ceremony took place the Sunday after his birth. On arriving at Faghriyya's home, I was ecstatic to discover that they had chosen the name, Muhammad Shahied, Masha-Allah! I finally had a namesake in the family, hehehe!

May Allah guide him on the right path. May he be an obedient boy to his parents and elders. May joy, happiness & prosperity shine on him always, Insha-Allah Ameen!


Amreen said...

Mashallah that is sucha cute baby!
Ameen to all ur prayers :)

Shahieda said...

Thanks for dropping by Amreen! He's just adorable and has changed so much since these pics were taken! Will have to update soon Insha-Allah!