Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding bells Part 1

Nadia, the kids & I climbed into the car & made our way, in haste, to Masjidul Quds. It was after 9am already and we were worried that we might have missed the start of Shaheema's nikaah. An event I so didn't want to miss.

First we had to drop off the mini quiche, I made earlier that morning, at my mom's to be baked. This was part of the buffet breakfast to be served after the nikaah. Fearing the worst as we made our way to the entrance of the masjid, I noticed some of the cousins standing and waiting. Which only meant one thing. The bride was late, pheww!! And according to one of the cousins, Raafiek was panicking already, hehehe.

Just then, the limo pulled up. And as Shaheema stepped from the car, everyone standing at the entrance gasped. The bride was wearing a red & gold creation made by herself. I had to hold back tears, didn't want the makeup to run :P

I snapped a few pics before she rushed inside the masjid. All the ladies made their way upstairs and settled down before the nikaah started. Nadia realised that she had forgotten her camera in the car, and so she rushed back out to fetch it. Ruwaydah, Shaheema's best friend, was also in attendance with her little one.

As I listened to Sheikh Abduraghmaan Alexander, a sense of peace settled over me. Shaheema's big day had finally arrived and it promised to be a day that would be forever etched in my memory. Another bride arrived, dressed in silver & white, she was overwhelmed with tears. Both nikaahs took place in tandem, Masha-Allah. Aunty Fayeeza was overcome with emotion and Shaheema comforted her mom trying very hard not to cry as well.

When the nikaah was done, Raafiek made his way upstairs to greet his bride and present her wedding ring. Congratulations were in order and many hugs exchanged as the excitement permeated through family members of the bridal couple.

Everyone made their way to the hall where breakfast was being served. The bridal couple would arrive there by a slower mode of transport this time around. Horse & carriage!! It was quite hilarious noting motorists reaction when they spotted the horse & carriage making it's way down the main road. Certainly a sight that one doesn't witness everyday!

Breakfast was a delish spread of savories including quiche, pies, samoosas, cocktail rolls, half moons and potato rolls with a secret filling. Then, to satisfy the sweet tooth, there was chocolate chip muffins, crumpets topped with strawberry jam & fresh cream, pieces of carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing, YUMS!

It was really great having to catch up with family members you only get to see at functions. But not so great when they inquire about myself getting hitched, sheesh! Somehow that always seems to crop up somewhere, hehehe.


Zaufishan said...

As'salamualaykum, that was truly a marvellous handmade dress, looked all princess-like.

Great blog, do keep writing please! I like this style.
Hey, happy merry later birthday dua's for your piety & patience insha'Allah. You're as young as your soul is ageless.

Shahieda said...

Wa-alaykumsalaam Zaufishan,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I haven't updated my blog in a while but will do so soon Insha-Allah. Thank you for your kind words.

Ameen to your duas, may Allah accept Insha-Allah Ameen!