Thursday, August 27, 2009

Asmaa'ul Husnaa Part 6

22. Al - Baasit: The Extender of Sustenance

He is the One who releases in abundance, joy, relief and ease after difficulties. These are manifestations of His attribute Al-Baasit.

Lift the hands towards the heavens (as in dua) after Salaatud Duhaa (Chast) and recite this Name 10 times. Thereafter pass the hands across the face (as when finishing dua) : self-sufficiency and independence will be granted by Allah - Insha-Allah. This must be done daily.

23. Al - Khaafid: The Abaser- The One who humbles and lowers

Allah the most high is the One who elevates His creatures to honor and fame and He is also the One who can cast them down to the lowest of low.

Anyone who recites this Name 500 times, Allah will fulfill all his needs and remove all his difficulties - Insha-Allah.
One who fasts for 3 days and on the first day reads this Beautiful Name 70 times while sitting in seclusion, will gain victory over his enemy if Allah wills.

24. Ar - Raafi: The Exalter

Allah The Most High is the one who raises His creatures to honour and fame and who can cast them down to be the lowest of the low.

Any person who writes this Ism 100 times in the middle of the 14th night of every lunar month, Allah will grant him self-sufficiency and independence of the entire creation - Insha-Allah.

25. Al - Mu'izz: The Giver of honor

He is the One who honours and the One who humiliates.

If this beautiful Name of Allah is read 40 times after Maghrib on every Monday and Friday, Allah will grant the reader honour and reverence - Insha-Allah.

26. Al - Mudhill: The Giver of dishonour

He is the One who dishonours and humiliates.
Whoever makes du'aa for protection after reading this Ism 75 times, Allah will protect him from the evils of envious persons, oppressors and enemies - Insha-Allah.

If there is a particular enemy whom one fears then after reciting this Name in the manner mentioned above, one may observe Sajdah (prostration) wherein one may invoke Allah's help against ones enemy by actually mentioning his name in Sajdah thus: " O Allah!! Protect me from the evils of Zaid or Bakar." If Allah wills he will be granted protection.

27. As - Samee' : The All - Hearing

He is the One who hears all that which comes from the lips, passes through the minds, is felt by the hearts, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the footsteps of ants and the atoms moving through the void.

One who reads this Beautiful Name 500 times or 50 times on Thursday after offering Salatud Duhaa (Chast), all his duas will be assuredly granted, Insha-Allah. It is necessary that no talking is done while reciting it.
If anyone reads it 100 times on a Thursday between the Sunnah and Fard of Fajr, Allah will favor him with His special blessings - Insha-Allah.

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