Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A nostalgic start to the day

After all the cold & wet weather we've been having, I was ecstatic when this morning dawned bright & beautiful!!

After disembarking the bus for work, I decided to walk to the office instead of taking the taxi up. I had forgotten how beautiful it was in the city centre. I took the route through the Company gardens & what an awesome sight it was!! I haven't been there in ages and as I walked with Kenny G playing in my ears, the walk triggered memories of a younger me.

Memories of Nadia & I walking the same route on our way to school every morning and afternoon during the week. On a weekend it was just me, making my way to the part time job I had as a cashier at the then Grand Bazaars in Rheede street. Funny enough, I now work a road away from there, the only thing is the buildings have changed some what. But the area still has the same vibe, very yuppie & very hip. So, I've kinda come full circle eh.

I remember when Nadia (high school friend) & I made application for the casual jobs, we were so excited!! Being the legal age children were allowed to start working, we couldn't wait to be earning our own money. Now, my dad couldn't understand initially, when I started working there because we had a video store. And Nadia (sister) & I used to alternate working there over weekends. But me, being the stubborn & independent *wink, wink* person that I am, decided that I wanted to get another job.

Those were certainly the days!! And we really received a good wage for our efforts Alghumdulillah!! If we worked the whole weekend, we went home with about R80.00, which was a huge amount of money in them days!! Groan!! That makes me sound so old!! LOL!! But I have so many fond memories. It's these memories that make me love CT so very much. The image of Table mountain against the beautiful summer mornings. The same image looming in winter with the city lights glistening below, aaahhh!! Home, sweet home!!

On another note, a Malaysian blogger friend has arrived in the Mother City!! Asmah had left a comment on my blog the other day. Wanting to make contact because she & her hubby were making a trip to Cape Town soon. She wanted some tips & places to visit & I was quite eager to assist. When she called me this afternoon, they were on their way to Table mountain. I'm so glad the weather turned out good, a visit to the Table top would have been impossible in wind & rain.

I have plans to meet them over the weekend so I can show them a bit of what the Mother City has to offer. Lets pray the weather holds out until then Insha-Allah!! Asmah, welcome to Cape Town!! I hope your stay will be a memorable one Insha-Allah Ameen!!


Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Shahieda,

I am glad you decided to walk to work..:) Sometimes, it is good to walk in the path that is so familiar to you. When I do this, I will return to my humble beginings of a plain girl who was sometimes trying so much to impress others..:)

I too enjoy walking, but I will try my best not fry myself in the hot scrotching Sun!

Have a fine day ahead

Shahieda said...

Hey Ida,

I love walking too, especially in the morning. It's good to reminisce my dear, it's the perfect way to take cognisance of yourself.

You certainly don't need to impress me, wink, wink!! Your writing did that all on its own!! :)

Hope your day will be an awesome one, keep smiling!!