Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been a year since....

we met, albeit virtually. My life has changed so much since then. I am still the same person, just more fulfilled. I shall not say it is because of you this is so, more that I have allowed it to be. My fears have dissolved and the person looking back when I look in the mirror has a mischievous glint in her eyes.

It speaks of untold joy, purpose & the knowledge that whatever happens next, I will be ready for it!! I penned this poem almost a year ago and decided to re post it. 

What have you done to me?? 

by Shahieda

My life has suddenly changed,
the last few months have been a blur
How did this occur???
What have you done to me??

I look forward to every new waking day,
with a glow of joy on my face
How I long to visit your place
What have you done to me??

My mind is in a turmoil
The feelings that rage inside,
are very hard to hide
What have you done to me??

I've waited so long to feel this way,
I hope I get to tell you soon,
It won't take too many moons
What you have done to me!!

for A-H


Anonymous said...

Assallamualaikum Saheeda,
My name is asmah from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am planning a trip with my husband to cape town next week. I was trying to get someone that I can get in touch with when I was there. I happen to see your blog and was wondering weather you could give me some tips about the city.

Please drop me a line at my email address - Hope to hear from you.

Shahieda said...

Wa-alaykumusalaam Asmah,

I will be glad to offer you some tips of the mother city.

Will this be the first time you are visiting Cape Town??

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Shahieda,

Your words explain the turmoil within me. I too, have been swayed in the arms of virtual happiness. But, you know I must not loose myself. It is just not right, Shahieda.

We have talked it over, actually it is our past that keeps us alive. There was never us, it was just a dream that has been manifested.

But then, after so many years apart, he came back, but now to the virtual world, with the same fire in his heart.

Tell me, Shahieda, of any tale about a sane woman who is able to turn away such temptations. I want to be that woman, even though it'll bleed me to death. So God help me..

Shahieda said...

My dear, Ida

I feel your turmoil blatantly, and I realize that there is much at stake with regards to your situation.

Do not allow it to tempt you. You have everything going for you my dear, everything!! And if truth be told, I'd give anything to be in your shoes.

May the Almighty keep you steadfast in your endeavors, may the light shine at the end of the tunnel pretty soon!!

This is just your test my dear, the Devil trying to sway you from the path you have chosen.

Believe that He is there for you, just waiting for you to reach out and take His hand, He shall not forsake you!!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Tq Shahieda,

I hope we all be under His Divine protection..:)

Tq for your warmth and kindness.

SkyJuice said...

Salam Shahieda,

Asmah is my aunt. She asked me if I knew anyone in South Africa or how to get in touch with anyone there. I'm a regular reader of Kak Teh's blog, and happened to see your link on her blogroll. So, I suggested Aunt Asmah to get in touch with you. Heard that you'll be meeting her soon. Have fun! :-)


Shahieda said...

Wasalaams Skyjuice,

Was wondering how Asmah made the connection, hehehe!!

I'm glad the she made contact, I only hope that the weather with play nice while she is here. It's very cold in CT right now & our winters are quite unrelenting.

Yes, I'm looking forward to meeting her Insha-Allah and I hope her stay here will be an awesome one!!

Kak Teh said...

hmmm,very cryptic! and nice one too. I am glas your circle of friends is expanding - this is the wonders of the internet, yes?

Shahieda said...

Thank you Kak Teh!! Yes, since blogging my circle of virtual friends has definitely widened. They add so much color to my life!!

It's been quite amazing stumbling across such well written blogs, I cannot keep up at times, hehehe!! Yours has been one of them, wink, wink!!

I miss reading Nazrah's blog terribly and I sure hope that she returns to the blogosphere soon!!