Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reading Sessions

You would think that having a bookworm for a mother, it would be easy to get into the habit of reading. That couldn't be further from the truth!!

There are so many books laying around the house, O mags, novels & non-fiction. I could blame it on technology?? But then again I do limit the time the kids spend in front of the telly & they're not allowed to play games on the computer during the week, only on weekends.

Uthmaan & Ghaalietha have been bringing books home from the school library, that's a good sign, yes? Aqeedah, is another story. After scolding her the other day about reading being the only way to improve your language skills, did she decide to put more effort into it.

I remember my nose being stuck in a book from a very young age!! It did help that I had two aunts who were bookworms as well. That was where I started reading Mills & Boon as well as Silhouette romance novels. I read at least five books for the week. It got to such a point that even after lights out, I would still be reading. I'd keep the book at such an angle that the passage light, which would be left on during the night, would shed enough light for me to continue reading till very late, hehehe!!

Anyhow, Uthmaan has started reading Treasure Island recently. Also one of my favorite books by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was then I decided to pass on the hardcover version that I had received from my dad when I was in standard 8. YEP, I still have it!! I was given three hardcover, unabridged works. Robert Louis Stevenson, The Bronte Sisters and Charles Dickens.

OMG, I just realized that the books are already twenty years old!! They have so much sentimental value that I haven't had the courage to lend them to anyone. And Uthmaan has promised to guard it with his life!! Happy reading!!

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