Monday, May 4, 2009

Updated: Birthday fest

When it comes to this time of the year, there are so many birthdays to celebrate. During April it was Aqeedah's then my mum's too. And now with May month being on our doorstep, the birthdays to remember increases too, don't even talk about June month as well.

I've already done a post on Aqeedah's birthday but haven't posted any pics, so I'll do so here. We also celebrated Aneesa's birthday 2 weeks ago. The friends went out for supper & Aneesa, Sedick & I went to catch a movie afterwards. Unfortunately Shiehaam & Cindy couldn't join us for the movie because they had other plans.

Shiehaam & Cindy at Dodge

Aneesa, the birthday girl & Moi

Sedick with Aneesa's gift

When it comes to birthday presents, I always try to make something, instead of buying. A birthday only comes once in a year & as I like to feel special & spoilt on my birthday, so would the next person. So, as gifts I would bake one of 'those' chocolate mousse cakes or whatever the birthday girl / boy fancies.

Aqeedah wanted a triple layer chocolate mousse cake. I also ended up trying out Nazrah's carrot cake, which was a big hit. This time Shiehaam could indulge because there wasn't any raisins in it. ;) I also made a batch of snowballs as well as some cuppie cakes for the younger ones. Nadia made some cheesecake & a chocolate mousse desert as well. OI!! All the sugar went straight to my head!!

Aqeedah's spread, YUMMEH!!

Shiehaam enjoying the spread :)

Good food & good conversation

My mom is not one for flowers, jewelry or perfume. So unlike me, wink, wink!! Food, glorious food is what my mum loves, hehehe!! Lekker eet, in other words. Having a surprise supper or taking her out to dine is our best bet. This time around I cooked a prawn dish Nazrah had posted on FB, which was very hot!! Everyone ran for the water, hahahaha!! Next time I make it I'll go slow with the chillies. But it was absolutely yummeh. I had been dying to try a dish with coconut cream as an ingredient. I also made her a batch of 'Shahieda's specials' as the family's coined it, hot chocolate pudding as desert & the never fail chocolate mousse cake. The 'specials' were supposed to be just for mum but everyone else put up such a raucous that mum had to share, hahahaha. And this now means that I'll have to make another batch for mum to stash away!! :)

Chocolate mousse cake

Shahieda's specials, chocolate peppermint crisp biscuits

Mum's spread, YUMMEH!!

Coming up is Shiehaam, Raihaana, Adiela, Nazrah, AbuHafidz, Nadia, Dad, Imtiaaz, Uncle Isgaak, Aunty Fayeeza & Shaheema's birthday. Flip, I can't keep up any longer. LOL!! Not forgetting Mother's day & Father's day coming up too. I need to check my diary to see if I haven't forgotten anyone, please forgive me if I have. These are only birthdays for May & June. So for the next couple of months I'm going to have to do extra Taebo workouts to get rid of the excess kilos, EISH!!


Kak Teh said...

Salam Shahieda, Hapy birthday to all concerned. In my family, we are celebrating my husband's tomorrow and our daughter's birthday on 8th May.

A friend just came back from Cape Town with sad news of the death of a friend's wife there.

Good to have your friendship and keep well.

Shahieda said...

Wasalaams KT, thanks so much for the well wishes!! A very happy birthday to your hubby & daughter, may the Almighty grant them many healthy, happy years Insha-Allah!!

How sad :( Inna-lielahie-wa-iena-ielayhie-rajieon. May Allah put sabr in the hearts of the family Ameen.

Thank you for extending your hand as well, I look forward to many informative reads.