Monday, May 25, 2009

A day sightseeing with Asmah & her husband

Arrangements were made Friday evening to meet Asmah at their apartment for brekkie Saturday morning. All went well, until the ATM machine decided to swallow my bank card!! OI!!

Luckily for me, the bank was to open in a few minutes, but that would also mean that I would be late to meet Asmah. What a way to make a first impression eh??!! I only arrived at the Waterfront just before 10am and I should have been there by 9am. I missed breakfast & a chance to become acquainted with the couple before setting off on our day of sightseeing. But all is well, that ends well, yes??!!

Our first stop was the Grand Parade to see if they could find some Cape Town products to take home. The price of curio products on the Waterfront were too exorbitant, specifically aimed at the tourist market. Asmah & her husband did a good deal of shopping, hehehehe!! Asmah's squeals of delight had me laughing most of the time. She spotted a Muslim man with a kuffiyah on his head and said, "There's my uncle!!"

While shopping Asmah's husband received a call from home, bearing bad news. Her grandfather had passed away. Innalielahie wa inna ielayhie rajieoen. May Allah have mercy on his soul!! This was the reason why their stay was cut short. And because her youngest son was missing them so. He had called a couple of times complaining of his older brother, hehehehe!!

After the parade we made our way to a place offering safaris, they're based in Durbanville. I had never heard of it until the taxi driver mentioned it. Clara Anna Fontein?? Ring any bells?? But we were turned away unfortunately, because the safari had to be booked 48 hours beforehand. Spier Estate located in Stellenbosch was the next stop. Cheetahs and picturesque landscapes were the order of the day!!

By the time we were done it was way past the lunch hour. Noon Gun restaurant was the stop for lunch. Located right at the top of Longmarket street in Bo-Kaap, this restaurant offered Cape Malay cuisine at it's best!! Karlie (the taxi driver), Asmah's husband & I ordered bobotie & Asmah had some breyani.

A stop at the local masjid for prayers was next & thereafter it was back to their apartment at the waterfront. More pics were taken there & I was given a beautiful coffee table book on Malaysia, as well as 2 beautiful scarves!! Thank you once again my dear, it is very much appreciated!! I cannot wait till you visit our shores again, hopefully this time, we'll get to spend more time together Insha-Allah!!

When I visit Malaysia soon, I will definitely be stopping by Insha-Allah!! Just wish the Home Affairs Department would speed up with the passport already!! Sheesh!!


asmah said...

Salam dear,
Thank you so much for your company and the times spent with us. Even it was quite a brief encounter, honestly it means so much to me as though we have known each other for a long time.We truly enjoyed our stay in the magnificent city of Capetown and really hope to be there again in the foreseeable future.Insyaallah!!!

You are always welcome to visit Malaysia and look foward to see you again.

Shahieda said...

Wasalaams my dear!!

You're most welcome!! It was really my pleasure!! I certainly look forward to seeing you again Insha-Allah!!

Please do keep in touch!! :)

SkyJuice said...

Salam Shahieda,

I see that you've met my uncle and aunt. :-) They had just spent 2 nights at my parents' where I live here up north and returned to Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Their youngest son do get 'bullied' by his elder siblings sometimes, hehehe.

Shahieda said...

Wasalaams Skyjuice,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I was just disappointed that circumstances didn't allow for a longer stay but Insha-Allah there will be another time & another place!!

Maybe next time around you will accompany them?? :)

Hehehehe!! That's normally the case with siblings eh!!