Thursday, April 2, 2009

What have we become....

that we feel the need to inflict harm on the next person???

What has society on a whole become, when we are so desensitised to the plight of others??

How is it that the people who are in positions of power are able to do as they please without having to take responsibility for their actions??

How can a country who has fought for democracy so fiercely turn around & dish out the same medicine that was handed to their people during Apartheid??

These are all questions that have been running through my mind for the last few days. Is it just me who feels that we're regressing instead of progressing?? This is something I have written about before elsewhere on my blog & I suppose I'll probably write in the future about it too. The thing is, am I going to be able to get any answers to my questions??

I don't wish to recount the happenings that have led to my asking all these questions. I fear that if I go that route I shan't be able to stop & my emotions would run haywire. I'm sure everyone has seen the news headlines of late.

All I can do is fervently pray!! God help us, we're in need of Your divine intervention!!

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