Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm really trying very hard...

to keep positive thoughts with regards to violence & crime happening all over the place!! But how can I do so if I'm bombarded with the headlines the moment I walk out the door???

I've actually reached a point where I do not read the newspaper, watch the news on the telly or listen to the news on the radio. I detest "The Voice" & "Die Son", merely for the fact that whatever they publish, they do so for sensationalism!! Nothing else!! I do not understand why people would spend hard earned money to read trash like that!!

The scariest fact of all is, the crime & violence are being perpetrated by the very people we know!! We're so used to teaching our kids to be weary of strangers but we need to start educating them that not all perpetrators look like the boogey man. Looking at the recent statistics 80 percent of the rape & indecent assault of women are committed by people known to them!!

To be quite honest, I hate writing on this topic, but I think it's something I have to come to terms with as a mother. When I leave for work in the morning, I pray fervently that all will be well when I return. And so far, Alghumdulillah, I say Shukr that my kids are safe. But what of those who are not so lucky to say the same??

On arriving home this evening, Aqeedah told me that an announcement was made at the madrassah they attend. Apparently a man in a car had approached girls walking to madrassah & offered them a lift!! I suffered a mini heart attack!! And then I sat all of them down & explained the drill about being approached to take a lift, sweets or any other token from anyone. I was made aware that the mualiemahs & the principal had already warned all the children.

During the past month, I've heard of a 14 month old baby that was raped by a friend of the mother. A mother & daughter being raped & murdered by someone known to them. A 5 year old boy being sodomised by someone known to him as well. A 7 year old girl disappearing from her home. Two drive by shootings which were gang related. A young teen raped while the act was filmed!! WTF!!

Something is seriously amiss!! I don't even think animals behave this way. And you know, the saddest part is even the officials sitting in government are getting away with murder, figuratively speaking. Something needs to be done pretty soon or we won't have any legacy to pass onto the next generation.

Lead us to place, guide us with your Grace
To a place where we'll be safe

May Allah protect us all, Ameen!!

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