Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A shift in perspective

After all the bad news I've been blogging about, I've decided to change perspective so as to avoid it consuming me completely!! Yep, that's me, as dramatic as ever!!

So, where do I begin??? Hmmmm, lets see. Firstly, the family has recently discovered some very good news! My younger sis, Faghriyya, will be having a baby soon Insha-Allah!! We're all quite ecstatic with the news and looking forward to the bundle of joy!! We were a bit worried about her because she had developed cysts on her ovaries. Then, one of the ovaries were removed and fortunately the cysts were not malignant, Alghumdulillah!!

Raihaana's operation was also successful Alghumdulillah!! The lump she had on her breast was also removed once again. According to the doctor, it wasn't anything to worry about because it wasn't malignant either. Just scarred tissue that wasn't removed properly with the first operation that took place last year.

Then, Gadijah has given birth to a healthy baby boy, Masha-Allah!! Received a text message from her over the weekend saying that she and the little one were doing well Alghumdulillah!! I need to pop in & see how they're doing, I haven't seen her in yonks!! It would certainly be awesome to catch up with her!!

Adiela has discovered that she will also be expecting a bundle of joy in the next couple of months Insha-Allah!! She too, is completely over the moon with her news for she has also been struggling to conceive. But Allah surely knows best and we can only but utter our gratitude Alghumdulillah!!

Leona, ons wag nou net vir jou, jong, wink, wink!! En jy beter gou maak, ons wag angstig vir daardie kleintjie. Of moet ek se tweeling?? :)

Shaheema's wedding plans are on track and she ties the knot in October Insha-Allah. Her family has finalised everything with Sheikh Abduraghmaan Alexander of the Bridgetown mosque. The nikaah will be taking place at the beautiful Masjidul-Quds in Gatesville. And the bridal couple has asked Moi to make chocolate mousse to serve for dessert at the reception!! Hmmm, why am I not surprised??

And last, but certainly not least, I shall be on holiday from tomorrow till next week Tuesday Insha-Allah!! YAY!! AND I will be attending the one day international match at Newlands tomorrow, between SA & Australia!! Shucks, I cannot contain my excitement!! SA has been playing a good game so far & they better not disappoint tomorrow. My kids have been making fun of me the whole week already. They've seen what I'm like when I'm watching a game on the telly and they can't imagine what I'll get up to watching the game live!! OI!!

On another note, Shahieda has discovered that she's quite the scaredy cat!! *hangs head in shame* I had a light bulb moment today that stopped me right in my tracks & made me rethink the way I have been doing certain things lately. Hmmmm, suffice to say, I need to throw caution to the wind & just go for it. What do I have to loose heh?? So, first thing in the morning I shall be visiting the home affairs department to make application for my passport!! YAY!!



Shaheema said...

Yay!! We certainly heading somewhere! Aren't we couz!! :)

Shahieda said...

We certainly are babes!! I cannot contain my excitement!! YAY!!