Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cricket fever!!

I had been looking forward to watching SA play Australia at Newlands for the past month. Although the wicket was slow, the SA team took advantage of the situation & decided to bat first. This decision won them the game!! SA lead the one day series 2-1, tomorrow sees another game in Port Elizabeth & the final game some time next week in Johannesburg.

We arrived at Sahara Park, Newlands just after 13h:00, the place was already thriving with activity. Shaheema, Raafiek, Shireen, Sameer & I found a spot on the grass near the scoreboard & made ourselves comfortable until the game began.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game, although the wicket was slow & both teams struggled a bit to put some runs on the board. With quite a few of the spectators getting tipsy as well, I had a good laugh at their antics too!! I also got to see some funny characters, like a seal balancing a cadbury whisper on his nose (Raafiek) & Batman coming to the rescue too, hehehehe!!

My attention wasn't on the cricket for the first half of the game, which didn't impress Shaheema & Raafiek much!! LOL!! I promised Shaheema I would post the pic of me busy with my phone. I couldn't exactly ignore the alerts everytime, wink, wink! :)


Shaheema said...

What a game! Although slow, it was wonderful to share the One Day Experience with you... after you and Raafiek have dreamed about it for years!! Masha-Allah... at least we did it! :)

Shahieda said...

Alghumdulillah, it certainly was!! One more thing to take off my to do list!! YAY!! Now we're looking forward to the IPL 20/20 matches happening soon!! It doesn't get any better than this!!