Monday, September 15, 2008

A whirlwind weekend

I'm feeling a bit melancholy and lethargic today!! I'm either still recovering from my weekend or my monthly visitor will be arriving soon!! I sure hope it would be the former, I still have a long way to go to finish my ghatam.

So, before my mood completely goes to the dogs, I'll update my blog with my recent spate of ongoings!! Friday was spent in the company of Cindy, Shiehaam, Aneesa & Sedick with their children as well as Leroy. Shaheema was also supposed to be there but couldn't make it. I missed you couz!! Aneesa and her husband had invited us to break fast at their home in Strandfontein.

The host couple, Aneesa & Sedick

What a fabulous time we had together!! When breaking fast at home I don't eat much, but I have a tendency to overeat when breaking fast elsewhere!! We each made something and it's not polite to not have of everything!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, ok!! LOL!!

My never fail choc chip pancakes!!

The ever popular mousse cake, well what's left of it!!

All the ladies, Shiehaam, Moi, Aneesa and Cindy!!

Nevertheless, the conversation was great and the kids had a ball with all the sweets that were handed out!!

Shiehaam couldn't resist hogging some sweeties for herself!! LOL!!

There was a little boy who showed his audience how he could contort his body, I forget his name!! I've attached a video clipping of his actions. Please do not try this at home!!

Thank you to all of you, we must definitely do this again!! Check my next post for my continued weekend of caffeine highs!! LOL!!


Smooches said...

oooh wee! OUCH! shoo... that contortionist really had me clenching my teeth! Looks like a great time... sad i missed it! :(

Shahieda said...

LOL!! Yes, I crinched as well!! I sure missed your company sweets!!