Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whirlwind weekend Part 2

I hardly had any sleep Friday evening due to me having too much caffeine in my system!! So I felt quite groggy Saturday morning. I really had to concentrate when I attended the Usul-lul-Fiqh class, sheesh!!

Oh and I wasn't able to take any pics of the masjid inside or of the auditorium because I arrived late *hangs head in shame*. What made it worse was I had to sit right at the back of the class and I normally take a seat in the front row!! I tried making a video whilst listening at the same time, my attempts proved futile to say the least. The sound quality isn't too good and you can hardly make out the image of the Sheikh in the front. So I'll have to take some pics on the next lecture, I promise to be early, promise, really!!

The lecture was awesome once again, like I said before, feel free to visit Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien's website to have a peek. He has mentioned that his notes will be extensive with regards to the topic. After attending the lecture I walked around at the flea market which is based near the masjid. I found an Eid dress for Ghaalietha, 1 down 2 to go!! It's always a mission to find something for Aqeedah, she's grown so much. In previous years I've always bought her fancy dresses or Shararahs, now I go for simpler ones because she outgrows the outfits too quickly!!

Then I jumped into a taxi and went to meet Nadia in Woodstock. We browsed around at a glassware store where I spied decorative nozzles for cakes as well as washable cloth piping bags. We then popped in at my mom's place to wish Ansaar for his birthday. After leaving Ansaar, we returned to Sea Point where Nadia was staying for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The view from Nadia's hotel room!!

We had decided to break fast at Spur, Shaheema and family was joining us. The queue at Spur was very long!! We waited a whole hour for a table but it was worth it!! The food was yummy and the company was awesome!!

Shireen, Moi, Nadia, Aunty Faeeza & Shaheema

Anwar, Mika-eel & Nadia

After leaving Spur we decided on meeting for coffee at Caturra. Where the conversation steered in the direction of the book, Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr. Once again nobody had heard about this book but was very interested in what I had read so far. I haven't received a response with the post I did on the book, so I'm just going to assume nobody wants to comment on it!! Will just have to finish reading it and come to my own conclusions.

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